I'm an artist based in Vancouver, Canada, working in paper cutting, sculpture, and installation.

If you're interested in using one of my photos, please contact me at rkashe (at) gmail (dot) com or through my blog.

My professional portfolio: rachaelashe.com

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Instagram: @Rachael_Ashe
Twitter: @RachaelAshe
Facbook page: www.facebook.com/rachaelashe.art

Some of my work can be purchased online through my etsy shop.

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    neilbruder says:

    "I was once part of a photography group called vandigicam. Many great things came out of that group for me and without a doubt one of the best things was meeting Rachael. She has become a dear friend and amongst many other things a wonderful source of inspiration and strength. Sometimes she knows me better than I know myself.

    Life is to short not to do the things you want to do and I wish for her a good life. Thank you for everything!"

    February 9th, 2008

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    nep says:

    "Rachael takes photos.

    Rachael takes glimmering, spicy, brilliant photos.

    Rachael does not take photos often enough."

    July 25th, 2007

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    rajue says:

    "Rachael is a creative artist with a wonderful photostream full of excellent Holgagraphy!

    She's also very friendly and it's always a pleasure to be in contact with her."

    February 22nd, 2007

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    It'sGreg says:

    "One senses that art is for Rachael what water is to a fish: her natural element. It isn't so much that she does art; it's that she inhabits art. This is obvious from her photography, which is a wondrous celebration of form and light. I sometimes suspect that light happily travels all ninety-three million miles from the sun with the sole purpose of illuminating a chair or a bit of fence just as Rachael passes."

    November 12th, 2005

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    Velvet G says:

    "Inspiring. Gifted. Unaffected.

    After nights of talking with Rachael, I truly believe that she doesn't realize just how influencial she has become here. Her work speaks for itself and is always a step above the rest. It's evident in her graphic design but an even greater testimony to her inner glow are the portraits.

    It's evident in the candid shots just how at ease everyone is around her. It's a rare quality that many lack but she just exudes it. I'm probably embarassing her right now, but that's okay.

    She needs to hear it.

    "You take wonderful pictures and I'm glad you share your talent with the rest of us. It's appreciated as are you."


    May 9th, 2005

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    drp says:

    "Wow, writing this is going to be tough...not because I doubt Rachael's obvious creative talent, but because she is such a dynamic, artistic force that she defies definition.

    She's got something like 137 photo sets - which proves her versatility in capturing everything from wedding ceremonies and portraits, to abstracts and scenes of her beautiful Vancouver.

    She's a sweet and gorgeous spirit trapped inside a striking and lovely frame. Her work has depth and emotion and character because those are the qualities she embodies. What is genuine within, is reflected without, through her craft.

    How wonderful for us to be witness to the results of that process.

    I like her. She's cool. Her pics make me happy, which is no small feat if you know me at all.

    Take a look around. You'll fall in like with her too."

    April 26th, 2005

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    birdw0rks says:

    "Yon Goddess has revealed herself to be somewhat twisted, photographically-skilled, interestingly-visioned, and someone whom I instantly share part of my own warped lifeview with. I’d say she shoots very differently from me and focuses in on subject matter from a completely different angle at times, and for that reason a visit to Spiraland is always a trip and a pleasure. Hell, her stuff has true beauty! One of those Flickr folk that I can never imagine getting bored with on any level. I get the impression that she’s a true artist in her temperament and focus, cares about the craft of photography, but never takes herself too seriously. Damn fine mix, if you ask me. Her image work seems very much alive; her words seem alive. When I think of her, I can’t help having a vision of a subtle, lively, intelligent, somewhat mischievous smile on her mush."

    February 26th, 2005

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    alfarman says:

    "goddess_spiral brings a freshness and joy to me.she loves beauty and it shows in her works."

    February 2nd, 2005

Rachael Ashe
July 2004
Vancouver, Canada
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