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I am a 30 (ish), stay at home mom of two girls. My (wonderful!) husband and I live in Northern California. I love to cook and bake, esspecially desserts! In addition to baking, I really enjoy photography (I'm just learning), scrapbooking and gardening.

I love flickr and find it a wonderful place to get inspiration, tips, recipes, and even friendship! I appreciate each and every comment left on my photos, and enjoy receiving Flickr mail from wonderful people from around the world. Most everyday I receive several questions regarding techniques and recipes and I am in a season of life where I just don't have the time to respond to each question. I have young children, a husband, and a house to care for, and as much as I'd enjoy just sitting at the computer all day, I just can't. I am not a professional chef, I have learned most of what I know about baking simply from reading and experimenting, and my best suggestion is for you to do the same. I have at least 6 or 8 cookbooks just on cupcakes, let alone dozens of other dessert or general cookbooks. I have also gathered many recipes from blogs, or simply from doing google searches. Please don't take offense if you send me a message and I don't respond. I appreciate hearing from you, I may just simply not have enough time to throughly answer your question.

Here I am!

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    Meg&Fred says:

    "Oh the beautiful and talented Glory! One of my favourite flickr people and a truly beautiful soul. Your talent is sublime, your attention to detail amazing and your friendship is priceless.

    So so glad we 'met' on flickr.


    August 26th, 2009

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    Lisadida - California, USA says:

    "Glory is such a kind and giving Flickr friend. She has been so generous to share her ideas and recipes, I love seeing what she does next! She is so talented and we are lucky that she shares her talents with all of us. I hope I get to meet her in person some day:)"

    May 31st, 2009

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    Haniela says:

    "I remember when I first saw Glory`s cookies a year ago and I was hooked. She has such amazing talent, everything Glory creates is a work of art. She has a vision of how things should look and she is always able to/with patience and hard work/ deliver the superbly looking and tasting sweets for her family, friends, customers. Recently Glory started her new adventure with cupcake toppers/selling on etsy now/ and let me tell you those are fabulous!!! Glory I feel lucky to have found you. You inspire me so much.Thank you for your friendship."

    May 5th, 2009

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    Just B Photography says:

    "I know Glory personally. She lives close by and we have been friends for 7 years now. She has one of the purist hearts I have ever met . She continues to amaze me every year with her talents and sweetness."

    February 17th, 2009

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    cupcakes & cartwheels says:

    "Glory is a wonderful Flickr friend. Always willing to sharing her recipes and her wealth of knowledge. I love her decorating style and most of all I love her!! Thank you for being such a fab person Glory."

    September 24th, 2008

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