Hi. I am Gabriel. I am a software engineer (web developer) by profession, but I am currently working towards a master's degree in History, a discipline I loved since the beginning.

Most of the photographs here are tests from my pinhole photography hobby. I currently have a camera inspired by an online example, but I'm improving it in many ways, eventually making one from scratch. Forgive me for some blurry photos but I think it's important for you guys to see how I'm progressing with this thing, especially since I can only do it on my free time (in between semesters).

I am also posting screenshots of my favorite game, Cities:Skylines, in this photostream. However, most of them are still in private as I am working on continuously improving my city's look. They'll be publicized when I reach a more or less permanent state.

Personal (Historian) blog: gabbygagno.wordpress.com
Cities:Skylines blog: gabbyskylines.wordpress.com

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