It's fun to capture light isn't it? Hopefully some of these captures will be fun to look at too.

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    michaeltrecool says:

    "What can I say - I created a flickr account purely to rave about this guys work! My position precludes me from saying too much - if this guy could do portaraits hed make a fortune on the wedding circuit and kill himself through boredom at the same time! trust me this guy will be massive. Anyone willing to check out his Aston Martin will appreciate this isnt photography , its art. His landscape work will surpass Joe Cornish in the next few years. His ability with what I know is the most basic kit shows an eye for composition in an artistic context that you cant learn. Takes Ansell Adams scale and brings it away from the overwhelming to the intimate. My involvement is music. If I have my say will tie this guy in with me and watch him become a star. With a thousand pound camera I dread to think what this guy will do. This guy to me is (to quote from my own area of expertise so please check it out on line to get a feel ) is about to do to art photography what Thomas Lang done to drumming. Photographys answer to Kraftwerk with the accessibility of Blondie at there Clem burke driven best"

    August 14th, 2008

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    Lara Swift says:

    "I like the photos of Graham's stream. They are colourful, full of life and sometimes experimental.

    - I enjoyed to browse through your stream!
    Thank you for your kindness,
    Lara Swift"

    June 5th, 2008

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    Sarah Ann Wright says:

    "It's about time wee Gizmo had a testimonial!

    He's one of my most valued contacts, not only for his kind and helpful comments, and the conversational ease of said comments, but also because he is great at portraying the simplicity of life.
    I love the shots of his Scottish hometown and surrounding area, which looks like an amazing place to while away your days, and I'm hoping that someday soon he'll unleash some DSLR shots upon us. He's gone about the right way of teaching himself photography, starting with the basics in cameras and then gradually moving up with practice. He's also mentioned giving HDR a go, which I am looking forward to seeing!"

    May 13th, 2008

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