mama/modern dancer/artist/lover of many things

things = modern dance, polaroid cameras, photobooths, underground hip hop, red velvet cake

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    simis says:

    "I got introduced to her work by Jon Madison. What can I say but wow... I really really like the simple profundity of her work. It is a privilege to see how she sees things simply and enjoys them as they are.... I know I repeat myself but I am really floored by her work and always look forward to seeing it."

    4th February, 2010

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    Jennifer Hope says:

    "My first glimpse into the magical world of girlhula was her redvelvet cake photo session which haunted me for weeks. It was so vibrant and alive. I'm not a professional, but I do know that viewers of her photos will leave happy and satisfied."

    10th February, 2009

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    Woof Nanny says:

    "Andrea inspires with her words as well as the bursts of color caught in her camera. Of all the bloggers and Flickrites I've come across in this journey, she is my favorite."

    6th November, 2008

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    cori kindred says:

    "it's a little known fact that andrea is in posession of magical glasses that allow her to see the exquisite beauty of everyday moments. we're so lucky that she's kind enough to share what she sees with us. :)"

    9th August, 2008

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    jessica wilson {jek in the box} says:

    "hula my friend, you are poetry in motion. your words and bright photos never fail to bring a smile to my face. you are the go-to gal when I need a visual pick-me-up. thank the paper lantern queen there is such a thing as photobooths and flickr. i thank you for all that you do and inspire and i will stop now before i get creepy or somethin' ~heehee!"

    30th July, 2008

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    indierocket says:

    "Andrea is more inspiring than I can say. She photos are bursting with the beauty of everyday life. I hope someday we can take photobooth pictures together."

    25th February, 2008

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    thebobbyrazzi says:

    "girlhula's photo stream has served as a constant source of inspiration to me in the years since I first encountered it. Her colorful and vibrant photographs are both ever-so-interestingly composed and a fascinating document of a family chock-full of life and character."

    18th December, 2007

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    NessieNoodle says:

    "andrea has an amazing eye for color and framing of a shot.
    she is an artist.
    Truly an inspiration what with all that photoboothing and postcard swapping mojo.
    Not to mention we share a birthday-
    Hopefully, one day I can meet this beautiful lady and we can sit down for a cup of tea and a few frames in the booth."

    28th November, 2007

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    .elsie*cake. says:

    "Andrea is so charming. I love her photos and ideas.. they inspire me to make each day a little bit more special.

    You are magical!"

    22nd October, 2007

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    jon madison says:

    "effervescent resillient and full of creativity

    i bet you i'm right. i know i am about that last bit.

    thanks for blessing flickr:)"

    3rd October, 2006

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    brina_head says:

    "creativity is in your blood! everything you do is so fun & unique. your familys lucky to have auch a creative mom:D you definately inspire me artistically."

    28th July, 2006

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    sweetnseattle says:

    "andrea! you are so full of life, laughter and energy, thanks for letting us all peek into your lovely life! :)"

    14th March, 2006

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    dj paine says:

    "now you gotta understand that i barely know this amazing woman, i live on the other side of the planet and have never met her face to face....
    so what can i say about andrea that the ward-o-matic hasn't already said?
    she is crazy talented, and crazy cool. she exudes inspiration and has much to offer. definitely keep track of what she's up to because it will make you a better person.

    28th October, 2005

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    wardomatic says:

    "My wife. My love. Beautiful, talented and brilliant, she's got a great photographer's eye. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next."

    1st June, 2005

January 2005
portland, oregon
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