I'm a mixed media artist based in Italy.

Here's an article concerning my art:

When nudity dresses up in a different way

Discovering the aesthetic of gioraro, an italian mixed media artist in quest of a feminine archetypal dimension

Is there something to say about women body yet?

Displayed on the Internet in every small detail, usually abused in every tv show as blames Zanardo’s recent documentary “Il corpo delle donne” (here translated in English), women “free” body is currently closed in a cage of significance just tasteful to masculine imaginary.

No other body exists, except those defined by current aesthetic standards which spread only slimness and youth as acceptable conditions of being woman. And if this kind of beauty is showed in a foul way every minute everywhere, real women – women taken away from this collective deceitfulness – are hidden, denied, to the line of sight.

So, those who call “free” this totalitarian way of conceiving woman body, lie well knowing it. And if there has been a time when women represented something different from a simple object of men’s sexual pleasure, this is not that time.

If what we are writing is true, what women (and men) have to do now, is screaming against this lie of the land. Using the intellectual weapons they have. Exploiting as a mixed media guerrilleros, all channels of communication could be made the most.

That’s what tries to do the italian mixed media artist gioraro, fighting against this cultural persecution throughout her own weapons. Those of a brave and clear woman. In her mixed media art – poetry, paintings, videos and pictures – she attempts to bring back the image of woman’s body to her archetypal dimension.

In a space/time where the significance of being woman could be free from all those cultural gratings forced feed by the prevailing phallocratia.

Gioraro’s nudity has nothing to share with the present overexposure of nude women bodies. On the contrary, the effort is to rescue it from usual meanings. The attempt is regain an unit between feminine body and mind: a body not just viewed as a sexual object and a mind no more subdued to men’s one in our society.

Throughout gioraro’s work, art meets again an explicit political challenge, beyond every comfort in hedonism and aestheticism fully functional to authority’s wishes. According to her, this is not the “end of time” but just the beginning of a new age of struggle for rights.

According to her, there so much to tell about women body and the ancient wisdom flowing in her veins, living in her bones.

A matriarchal wisdom located before and beyond any division between body and mind.


My videos:
Manifesta estetica
Paint trailer
Dalle mie labbra
Art Blitzkrieg
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You can see some photos of me here: Modenaroid

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January 2009
Modena, Italia
I am:
gioraro - officina di lavoro congeniale