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Second Life store owner/creator: G.I.N - Goodies I Need

Marketplace Store: G.I.N+Goodies I Need+

Inworld Landmark: G.I.N+Goodies I Need+


Second Life Freelance Photographer and Blogger.

My Blog link: Ginblosom ~ Morbid Curiosity

My Youtube Channel: Chilling Adventures Of Ginblosom


..:Please note:..


I don't follow inactive flickr accounts, if you don't post anything in 6 months I consider it as inactive and I will probably unfollow the account.

I don't follow accounts that is not related to Second Life except if it has anything to do with Horror movies I will most likely follow you back.

If you follow my account just to get your numbers up and unfollow me again you will be removed or not followed back I check my lists.

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  • OccupationSL Store owner/Creator SL Freelance Photographer SL Freelance Blogger
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