10/10/10 was the day I bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T2i. It was also the day my car broke down in the parking lot of the camera store. Don't know what that means other than it was an expensive day! (And I had some time to crack open the manual while I was waiting for the tow truck...)

I've used Canon PowerShot point and shoots for years but finally got tired of their limitations. They are great in many ways but I am definitely enjoying exploring what my T2i can do!


So now it's 11/11/11, just over a year since I purchased the T2i, and many, many images later I've done a lot of exploring and enjoyed it every step of the way. From HDR, to macro, to mono, I love it all.

Looking forward to seeing where I am by 12/12/12...

**UPDATE #2**

So another year flew by, and one last unique date has come and gone too. 12/12/12 saw me entering the full frame sensor world - and what a world it is. Loving my 5D Mark III. Grateful for the ability to continue to grow artistically through photography. Grateful also for all the wonderful contacts who continue to support what I do, share what they do and create an incredible environment where we can enjoy this amazing thing we all love.

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