Thanks for looking through my pictures.

I hope you find something that appeals to you.


I've been taking photographs for many years, having used a number of different types of cameras and tried many different formats in that time.

Nowadays I have a Nikon P900 Digital Bridge Camera and an Olympus E450 DSLR which I use for most of my photography but I'll also use the camera on my Samsung S7 Camera Phone if the situation calls for it.


I remain an enthusiastic amateur and retain my long standing desire to find and photograph interesting subject matters to enjoy looking back on and to share with friends.

I particularly enjoy photographing wildlife, nature and landscape subjects but if it catches my eye and it looks interesting then I'll give it a go.

I like Black and White photography .. I like capturing distinctive patterns, shapes, architecture, colours etc.

I like to take pictures while I'm on my various travels around the world and I'm not averse to trying a little bit of abstract photography if I see something that I like.


Please do comment on my photos if you have something constructive or encouraging to say ; I look forward to hearing from you.

Please also feel free to e-mail me if there is anything you'd like to know about my pictures or any of the locations therein, I'd be happy to reply.

Many thanks and good luck with your own pictures.


Monday 22nd May 2017 - Today I finally made it to 1 Million views.. It's only taken me 11 years !!

Many Thanks to everyone who has ever looked at my pictures and especially to those of you who have taken the time to comment on one of my pictures, or, added one of them as a 'Favourite' .. Your support and encouragement is very much appreciated.

Here's to the next Million... Hopefully it won't take another 11 years.. !!


Jump forward a year..


Friday 25th May 2018 .. and I'm now up to 1.8 million views.. :-)

11 years to get to the first million then 12 months to get a further 800,000.. not far off the 2nd million...


And.. a little further jump forward and I'm now past the 2 Million views point.. Wow !! Many Thanks once again to everyone who has viewed my pictures, commented on them or saved them as a 'Favourite' .. I am very grateful for your patronage and your interest..


Finally .. I have had a number of my pictures used by various companies and individuals, over the years, for their web sites and assorted publications, without my permission.

Recently a Swedish web site and a Fiinish web site have used some of my Wind Turbine Pictures .. I've had assorted Chinese web sites using my pictures, a Spanish Dental Practice helped themselves and many, many more !!

Please note that all my pictures are copyrighted and I do not give ANYONE permission to use them without my personal authority.

Please respect the fact that any pictures I might publish on Flickr are my sole intellectual property - They are not there as a handy resource for anyone to take and use for their own purposes as and when they feel like it.

I will nearly always allow my pictures to be used when I am contacted and specific permission to use them is requested .. and that's the important part.. 'Requested'.




Thank You.

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