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Out of laziness and convenience I made up some rules for my photography stuff:

I just use basic point & shoot cameras and use free online software for processing.

I also started taking analog pictures with plastic cameras. The lack of control is something I like about that way of taking pictures.

Once I believed that taking pictures is an attempt to conserve sights and memories and thus the opposite of being in and enjoying the beauty of the moment.

Now I believe that taking pictures is just a way of framing and emphasizing of what I see in things and a way to communicate it to other people. It actually helps me to be more aware of the visual world around me and influences me in my perception even when I haven't got my camera with me.

As much as I love photography & art - I guess I am music person and I can better express myself in songs rather than pictures:


In that respect it is a real pleasure that my only true achievement in the world of photography are two concert photographs published in the German edition of the Rolling Stone Magazine. That was a matter of being at right place at the right time with the right people. As life ideally always should be.

My 15 minutes of fame as a photographer by Bjørn Giesenbauer


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