Two of my favorite things to do is to explore the places that I live in (and visit), and photography. So far this has been a pretty convenient combination of activities.

I recently moved to New York City from Chicago, and after the summer of insane heat my wife and I are finally getting the chance to go out and walk the boroughs. You never know what you'll find by walking down some random street: An excellent little restaurant, an ethnic enclave, abandoned cityscapes, parks that only the locals know about and so much more...

I've almost come around full circle in terms of the camera equipment I use. I switched to a high-end digital point and shoot back in 1999, when I realized that the image quality was 'good enough' and convenience of 'unlimited' shots made it worth switching after my trusty SLR died. Over the years I eventually settled on a Canon DSLR system, and thought that would be it.

Now I find myself going back to film more and more, I fell in love with medium format film (and the amazing lenses) and now I am shooting 35mm more often as well.

I'm also quite fond of Micro Four Thirds cameras: the light weight and portability, ability to use lenses from other systems, and easier manual focusing of old lenses make them fun cameras to shoot with.

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    *PaysImaginaire* says:

    "This is my big brother, well i guess as i am getting older the age gap is getting less important. I love his photography, i think he does an amazing job no matter the subject. I look up to him, when it come to photography, and i usually take his advice and use it. He's a great person to know, and i aspire to become as great a photographer as he."

    September 2nd, 2006

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