I'm a grown up woman who never lost the love of Barbie and other fashion dolls her size.

In 2012, I began collecting and photographing Barbie dolls and other 6th scale dolls and action figures and I have fallen in love with making dioramas and using my dolls to tell stories.

Between 2012 and 2014, I formulated an idea that turned into a dream/passion: to create a soap opera in 1/6 scale! As of July 2014, when I'm updating my profile, I'm currently working toward making that a reality.

I chose the screen name “GetMeStarted” because when I was a kid, I used to ask my older sister to “get me started” when I was playing Barbies. That simply meant that she would help me think up a story to play out with my dolls. I’m also a novelist, and my sister is my brainstorming buddy for character development, story line, and plot twists, both for my novels and for my doll stories!

My sister (ButterfliesAndRoses) and I began One6thWonders because we both love making 6th scale furniture and accessories.


My web site: Divisible By Six: Port Sebastian, USA
Twitter: @HeyGetMeStarted
Facebook: Divisible By Six
My sister's and my miniatures: One 6th Wonders
Our One6thWonders Etsy Store

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February 2012
I am:
Female and Taken
Office Temp / Writer / One6thWonders
Divisible By Six: Port Sebastian, USA