I felt like it was time for an update here. So here it goes ....

Most people describe me as creative, funky, open-minded, fun and a bit silly. I try to keep active and get out to try new things. I cycle, do yoga and play slo-pitch to keep fit. I also do a lot of walking with my Pentax in hand! I make some of my own clothes and jewellery - I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine and often make gifts for friends and family members. ;-)

I was lured here in 2006 by my good friend Philip (Piscesdreamer). It's been a great place to meet people, learn things, get inspiration and show off a little. I think I've learned a lot during my stay here and I think my photography has definitely gotten better but I still have more to learn. I'm glad Philip got me here on Flickr, I've made some great friends - thank you my dear!

You'll often find me wandering along Queen Street West, checking out folks' bikes with my second-hand Pentax K1000 (love my little Brick!), saying "Got it, got it, need it!!" ;p I'm finding more often I'm saying "Got it!" versus "Need it" but there's always something to see and shoot even if it isn't a cool bicycle bell!

Feedback and comments are always welcome!

Happy shooting all!

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    AshtonPal says:

    "What can I say that others haven't already said? Well first off, she is a very good friend and I am very happy to have her friendship. I find it funny because we live in the same city and we often walk the same streets yet we've never met (strange, eh?). Her photostream currently has 8,343 items and to be honest with you, each one of those are worth looking at. I admire her because she documents her life and shares it with us. She's never afraid to take a picture of a store front sign or a bicycle bell. Anything that catches her eye, she shoots it and we see it. Whenever I walk down Queen St W and I see bikes and signs, it makes me think of her as I know this is something she would take a picture of, if she hasn't already.

    I appreciate her friendship and if you add her as a contact, you won't be let down. I may not get to comment as often as I like, but I always look at her photostream when I'm on Flickr. I don't know her well enough like some of my other contacts do, but I know her well enough to be here typing this testimonial for her. Don't believe me? Go look at her photostream and get to know her through her photos.

    Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me all these years. I'm wishing you all the best today, tomorrow, and in the new year.


    December 25th, 2010

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    Dead Betty says:

    "This is one cool chick who is a brilliant clicker talent. She inspires me to look for the unusual and odd that is out there and shoot it....some day we shall have a beer together, and it will be a great time. :D"

    March 13th, 2009

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    PiscesDreamer says:

    "pinkus siyclist

    This delightful creature thrives on good coffee and a diet of raw fish. Has been known to emit a blinding flash in order to stun potential prey of all sizes. Also inclined to instinctively chase round objects."

    December 13th, 2008

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    K Snaps says:

    "She is a real friend of mine and in this virtual world - there is nothing I can appreciate more. Look at her pictures to understand the thinking behind it. It will make you feel happy."

    September 2nd, 2008

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