I started posting on this site more years ago now than I care to recall. Initially I shared my old bus slides, scanned and edited as appropriate; this I still do. Spurred on by others whose admirable work I see on these pages, I am now adding a greater number of contemporary images. Buses remain my passion, but the odd non-omnibological intruder will find its way in here.

The many helpful comments about my pictures have encouraged me to be more adventurous in what I take pictures of; I have a newly-discovered enthusiasm for recording the little-regarded overlooked details of the urban landscape.

That said - a warning. I am not above (or beneath?) movng bits of street furniture about or removing them altogether in an attempt to improve the overall balance of the picture. I cannot abide lamposts growing out of the roofs of buses! So beware - if the subject of my photograph is a bus, the surroundings should not be taken as evidence in a court of law.

I retain copyright on all my images but feel free to reproduce any bus picture provided it is fully acknowledged and it is made clear that the copyright remains with me.

I welcome invites to groups and to be a contact. However, if you invite me to be a contact and I can't see your photostream, or it has only a very few images, I will be unlikely to reciprocate. Similarly I will mostly only keep contacts who post images that interest me. To see what interests me, take a look at my photostream.

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    Stuart Montgomery says:

    "George has the most fantastic collection of Edinburgh buses, especially old ones, and there are some pictures in his sets that will literally take your breath away just for the sheer nostalgia if not for their historic value. Every picture he shows looks entirely professional and worthy of showing in the public domain.

    I am a relatively new member to Flickr and have found George to be so friendly and helpful, ever such the perfect gentleman too! I love all his stories about Edinburgh and often delivered with fine humour. We've clearly both grown up in Scotland's capital around about the same time and it's so good to see buildings and streets, altered to this day, but bringing back floods of memories from the past. What insight to keep photos all these decades later. To have been able to create photos in the 60's and 70's was hard enough (and expensive) without the aid of digital cameras. George's talent hits everyone in the eye and he would surely win a Flickr prize for all-round performance.

    Thank-you George. I feel I know you despite never having met you!
    Stuart Montgomery's Lothian Buses."

    March 15th, 2009

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    noxious airplane says:

    "George's photographs combine carefully composed views with interesting buses from various UK fleets. It was, and indeed still is, rare for bus photographers to leave the City Centre / Bus Station areas to get their photographs, but George has taken care to do just that when he could.

    Thank you for sharing your photos with other bus enthusiast 'flickrites'."

    October 12th, 2008

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