Photos been photoshopped are no longer a reality but art - George Wu

Camera size doesn't matter but it's how you use it - George Wu

Creativity is見前人所不見,發前人所未發 - George Wu

Easy isn't always simple. Difficult isn't always hard Just do your best - George Wu

I am a full time engineer, lifetime photographer - George Wu

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攝影是藝術嗎?攝影不是藝術,作品才是!~ 王志偉老師

I fall into a rhythm where my tools give way to my vision and my eye produces what my mind wants to see. ~ Blair Bunting

I LOVE photography. Photography to me is a way to show the world how you SEE the world ~ Zim Killgore


We look at the world & see what we have learned to believe is there... We have been conditioned to expect, but as photographers we must learn to relax our beliefs... ~ Aaron Siskind

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed. ~ Ansel Adams

The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present. ~ 1902 book, "Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights..." by Alice Morse Earle

Photo needs retouch as the woman needs makeup. Photoshop is an important part of photography. But how you use it should be measured against how the image is to be used. ~ Flickr member

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About Me:

I have been intrigued and passionated by the art of photography since childhood. I have experienced and enjoy different kind of formats in photography from 110, disc, 35mm, APS, floppy to digital. Since youngster, I always fantasize the powerful images of Sport Illustrated and National Geographic. Love the beauty of Elle and glamour style of Playboy. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed with photography. I view the art of photography as a distilling of reality into a personal vision. I adore Flickr as an opportunity to share my passion with people with similar interest. It's an excellent photographic community offering unlimited abilities to interact & inspire.

I shoot a bit of everything but enjoy mostly in portraiture in all its forms. I have a strong vision of what I think is beautiful and powerful, and try to capture and portray them into my images. My goal is keep moving forward and explore with new style and concept; in order to create new innovative images. I also truly believe photo quality over quantity. More isn't better. Think first before you "click". ^_^

2004-2010 (c) GeoFX iMAGES

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己所不欲,勿施於人 (never treat people the way you don't want to be treated), words that my life are base on...

Chinese Name - 吳皆瑞, pronounce as Wu, Jay-Ray.

我中文名字是吳皆瑞,英文名字叫 George。 現住在美國 奧勒崗州 (Oregon) 波特蘭 (Portland)。 生在臺灣台南,但從小在芝加哥(Chicago) 長大。 1983年是我第一次用單眼相機,我老爸的Minolta Maxxum 7000。 1990年上大學時,拿了一堂攝影課。 買了我自己的第一台單眼相機,Canon EOS Rebel。 就這樣地跌入了手動攝影世界。 這時代的攝影世界千變萬化,希望能活到老學到老。 ^_^

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July 2006
Made in Taiwan (臺灣臺南) but raised in Chicago, Illinois
I am:
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