I came from the (US) East coast, and moved to San Diego in 2004. Now I live in Sydney.

I (really) like long walks on the beach and sunsets.

I also work hard and travel as much as possible.

I take a lot of pictures of my life, and my followers love them - all three of them. (Hi, Mom! Hi, kitty!) :)

But seriously...

1) If you're going to steal my shit, at least give me a link and some credit.

2) I'm an amateur. 95% of these pictures are worth exactly what you're paying for them. If it becomes a profession that somehow pays more than my day job, I'll probably stop.

3) Albums are sorted chronologically, with most recent first. Collections are (mostly) sorted by year. The photostream is what it is; thanks, Yahoo! Maybe Verizon won't fuck it up too much. (One hopes Smug Mug will have better luck!)

4) Everything before 2013 was moved from other (e.g., Gallery or self-built) sites that I put a lot of time and effort (and captions) into. That time/effort is not well-reflected here. The past is just practice; live for the moment. :)

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May 2013
San Diego, USA
Unless you care about me, you won't care about my amateur, personal site, so don't bother.