After commuting from Sydney to my favourite National Park to take pictures 2-3 times a week I decided to move to the Park and commute to work instead. Best decision I've made in a long long time.
I love taking landscape pictures under moonlight, and also compositions around startrails when there is no moon. Moonlit landscapes have a wonderful quality to the light and I like the challenges as well (like not being able to see anything through the viewfinder - no actually I could live without that challenge!!). I also like taking long exposure and low-light water shots to see the patterns our eyes normally can't see.
I have two brilliant kids and a delectable partner.

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    sam_samantha says:

    "I am proud so proud to write a testimonial for Geoff, besides his catchy buddy icon (do ask him about it!), his photos are incredible! I love the way he sees nature and the challenges that he puts himself through to capture what he does. I know it's not easy to capture those images...but he does it with such finesse. I really enjoy reading his subtext too, explaining how he got the shots, etc. Besides that, his comments are always thoughtful and sincere...thank you Geoff for sharing your vision with all of us here on flicr:)"

    January 19th, 2008

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    Pete Foley says:

    "Geoff is an inspirational talent. His photographs are unique, distinctive, and highly skilled. He creates beauty from technically difficult subjects that i would not even attempt to capture.

    Every shot on his site is a gem, compositionally, technically and informationally. His site is definitely a tribute to the power of quality over quantity. I've learn more about low light photography from Geoff than any other sources combined.

    Finally, Geoff is a generous, insightful, commentator. He also have a great eye for talent. His contact list is a great doorway into the best of FLICKr.


    November 27th, 2007

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    jacq77 says:

    "There is a lot of talent on Flickr, but there's no better feeling than inadvertantly stumbling accross a great stream, where the images that lie in there simply blow you away by their detail, colour, simplcity and complexity! This is how I felt when I inadvertantly stumbled into Geoff's stream...a myriad of stunning imagery, from start to finish...beautfiul compositions and dramatically stunning colours! One of the best and most understated streams on Flickr, once you visit these pages you will not want to leave, just simply outstanding and World Class imagery!

    Thank you for sharing your world Geoff, everytime you post a shot it's a miraculous display of nature, beauty and colour...a true pleasure for the eyes and thank you for being a great friend! It has been an absoloute pleasure meeting you here! xxx"

    October 27th, 2007

Geoff Coleman
May 2006
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