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I've created the Longline and Patches groups, and made a few mosaics from the tiles in those.


I also enjoy doing natural art projects and have made a group for those.


Here's two slideshows that are great fun (if I say so myself):


Reductio I

Reductio II


Genista. Get yours at

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  • OccupationNeurogeek
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Dimka says:

Thanks for joining stereogram group !

September 6, 2006

She wore her hair combed down over her face, over her chin, and it reached nearly down to the nape of her neck. When asked why, she would only raise her hand, palm out, until the questioner relented in puzzlement or fear.

March 28, 2005

Genista is my favorite person to travel with photograph be photographed by laugh with share things with explore things with be close to. He is my favorite person, period.

January 7, 2005