I'm originally from Chicago, but I've lived in Sunnyside-Long Island City, Queens since 1999. If you want to reproduce any of my pictures somewhere else, I would prefer that you ask permission first, but at the very least please credit the photo as mine.


More excellent pictures of Queens (not mine) can be seen at www.queensvernacular.com


Update: Please do not add me as a contact if your photostream consists entirely of porn. I will block you if you do. I am not kidding.


A familiar sound I had heard it for years barely audible...loud and clear now a muttering hypnotic cadence. He shut the machine off. "The sound track illuminates the image...'Genial's' image in this case...almost tactile...biologists talk about creating life in a test tube...all they need is a few tape recorders: 'Genial 23' at your service..."


(William S. Burroughs, "The Ticket That Exploded")

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