Slightly kooky, mom of 6 kids, artist, lover of life, wife of the most incredible man in the world and a forever optimist!!

I am a mixed media artist that loves to experiment and push things beyond the norm...I try to be innovative..and the true Gemini that I am...i bore quickly and am always looking to add to my repertoire of artistic endeavors~

I decided to take all of my knowledge and skills of being a seamstress, painter, builder of my power tools, costumer (okay for self pleasure not theater or anything like that..belly dancing and for our parties..but it is a passion!)and whatever other things i do and throw it all together! I creat my doll scenes and clothing using all of my skills and use my minimal photography skills to create fun little stories and scenes. I have been totally engrossed with Blythe dolls and various art studio now resembles a toy store rather than an art studio..but i am having the time of my life!

I love meeting new flickr please drop me a hello! I will certainly try to come over and visit your stream and say hello back! All of us are motivated and driven by nice people and nice if you enjoy my scenes and pictures let me makes me want to add more! And i do my best to come visit your streams as well. I do apologize if my visits are intermittent, at times my life is run over by my 3 boys and 2 pugs and lovely husband and my internet time is limited. If i favorite your pics with out leaving a comment it is meant as a compliment, and i do with with love and respect. I pride myself in being as orginal as possible..however like any other artist we are influenced by our surroundings and inspiration comes from every where...

On the dolly drama stuff that i know goes on..i remain as impartial as i can! I choose my friends and acquaintances by MY OWN experience with a person, not by some body else's! If a person is nice to me..i will always be nice in return...regardless of what any one else has to please respect this and don't talk bad about just makes you look bad, more so than the other! I am about loving the other person in and let live! Judge not others lest ye yourself be judges...and all that stuff!

So on to the happy happy world of dolls and toys! muwah to you all! xoxox's angela

come visit my website and my blog!!

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    ellewoods2007 says:

    "I just met this gal and I already LOVE her! She's good people and I look forward to being the best of friends with her! She is an awesome lady; drop her a line and visit her page and you'll discover this gem for yourself!"

    March 11th, 2008

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    Lisa Kettell says:

    """Angela is tuly an amazing artist with such incredible talent and creativity! Her artwork is outstanding and filled with so much magic and enchantment! I stay and linger at her whimsical collage creations. I want to personally thank you for being an artist of the week at The Faerie Zine! Magic and Joy! P.S. Please continue creating!"""

    September 19th, 2007

Angela Hoffmann
December 2005
Battle Creek
Battle Creek, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Homemaker, Graphic Designer/ Artist
Gemini Angels Art