Hi, I'm Stacey... from Portland(ish), OR. I shoot anything I can and not nearly enough. My dad always had a camera in his hand and bought me my first camera (a brownie hawkeye) from the neighbor across the street for $.25. He bought me my second camera (Ektralite110) from Jafco in about 1978. I'm sure he wanted to choke everytime the 7 y.o. me blew through a 24 exposure cartridge taking pictures of my cat...


Bless me Canon for I have sinned. Since my last confession I have bribed my dog with cheese, and when he sat, poked a camera in his face...



Fine print:


All of my photos are copyright ©2005-2016. If you would like to use one of my photos, please ask first. You can reach me by email at geekgirlunveiled at gmail dot com.


NOTE: Please do not place animated icons, or images hosted anywhere other than Flickr in my comments. They often trip my virus software and lock out the page. These types of comments will be deleted, even though I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks!


My gear:


Canon 7D

50mm 1.4

24-105L 4.0

100mm 2.8

Lensbaby Composer

Speedlite 430ex + Demb bounce


Canon G7x Mark ii (my fav)


A few other odds and ends, a couple of old film Minoltas, recently overhauled, and a handful of vintage cameras that I'm always intending to feed a roll.

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Geekgirl's photography is truly inspirational. She has a talent for finding the perfect lighting on any object, and she sees things with such an eye that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Geekgirl mostly relies on gadgets and gismos rather than photo editing software, so what she sees is what you get.

April 18, 2007