flickr is a platform for political purposes.

torbakhopper, while being a photographer, is also a voice against the abusers of humankind and a social mathematician.




torbakhopper ONLY posts material here on this site and on youtube and almost never on facebook (minus comments on HULU's promotion of oligarchies).

you ain't doing it right if you don't have haters.


using innocuous photos, torbakhopper intends to send the message out to the world by allowing his photography to be used without any cost, just attribution.




torbakhopper is free service provider as well as an imaginary figure of LITERATURE. the books will be written and prove this so.


like samuel webster, a dictionary white english man (argh!!! when will the u.s. stop promoting color theory racism!??!?!), a similar descendent by birth, scott richard makes the imaginary world of TORBAKHOPPER into a visual language dictionary available to any and all of the rainbow children.


born to see no color except that which is life itself, no adoption principle of crappy grammar in place, mister richard shares one for all and all for one joy.


live the life.

forgiveness is a lie.


STEALTH is the greatest spiritual evil that humans can levy against one another.

stop fking lying.

spiritual evil is BOOOOOOOORING.

nothing historical there that hasn't been infinitum-drilled.

be good. be better. but be without comparison to your evil.

stand separate.


it's better to be historical than old, repetitive and boring.


golden lives matter.


they LAWLYS IWLL and that is EAMsure

don't befriend lawyers.

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