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Growing Plants I also have a second Flickr account just for the garden stuff.

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  • IMG_6833 by Amy_Urquhart
  •  by Dawn D
  •  by Davin Risk
  • Gayla by George
  • Davin & Gayla! by George
  • Waiting for my coffee by Gayla

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    Stef Noble says:

    "This is long overdue, but I wish I could live within the atmosphere of Gayla's photos."

    4th January, 2006

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    photojunkie says:

    "Gayla never ceases to amaze and inspire. She's simple amazing."

    10th June, 2005

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    twb! says:

    "When I first saw Gayla's website,, I was inspired to buy a vintage camera and so started my love of medium format photography. Her photos continue to impress me with the way she captures color, texture, and shape."

    28th April, 2005

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    Sam Scholes says:

    "There is something about Gayla and the photographs she produces which is just different. I don't mean that in any negative sort of way but in the most positive manner. Gayla is one of those people that seems to inherently see the world a little differently from the rest of us. The photographs she produces and the subjects she tends to prefer suggest that to me. Her love of cameras, especially those acquired cheaply also has a significant impact on her photographs. Whether she is using the Kiev 88 or my favorite, the Great Wall, the squarish formats of these cameras and the unique ways they handle light and depth of field seem to suit Gayla better then the clarity of modern optics. A close second, though near tie to her photographs would have to be the daily comments or writings she posts on her web site MAKING HAPPY. Humbling, entertaining and downright human, these writings admittedly are sometimes better then the photographs they are meant to accompany, although both are excellent. Gayla is someone we ought to pay attention to and the beauty of her work shouldn't be ignored."

    30th December, 2004

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    myla kent says:

    "Gayla is an exquisite artist. Her unique eye and talent are a constant source of inspiration."

    8th October, 2004

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    Davin Risk says:

    "Gayla has a wonderful ability to evoke and convey emotion and mood with her photos. I thank her for moving me to pick up a camera again."

    14th July, 2004

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    heather says:

    "i love seeing my old home town through gayla's eyes."

    29th June, 2004

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