i am just a huge manatee.



posters, books, garfield, black metal, flying v guitars, godflesh, rss, photografia, pink pigs, futurama, pizza, apple notebooks, barbecues, beer, sci-fi and noir literature, skulls, japanese food, blue + black + grey, the number eight, internet. black shirt and messy hair.



fake people, vegans, wannabe piercers, loud people, gothics and wannabe gothics, tomatoes, spiders, star tattoos, stupidity, trance, musicians, brazillian people who now live abroad and think they are better than anyone just because of that, microsoft, rolling stones, hippies, moro com meus pais/baladeiro de plantão.

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  • JoinedNovember 2004
  • OccupationUI designer
  • HometownBelo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Current cityBerlin
  • CountryGermany
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Dragão de Comodo do meu coração

July 1, 2008