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Photography is my new hobby. I started End of May 2005.
I use to take shots while travelling in summer vacations, but I never take it Serious.

Now, I feel like a door open to a very fascinating world.
Day by day, I discover new talented people that I learn from them
Day by day, I discover lots of shiny colours calling to be shot
Day by day, I become in love with this hobby

As a PhD student, I try to make my life full of activities to prevent going in to depression mood. Here where photography find the way to my soul.

You will find mixture of themes in my gallery. Some family photos, my sweet little angel (my daughter) photos, places and cities I visit, my own city Dubai photos and my beloved Macro photos.

You will find a mixture of comments varying between: Arabic to English comments, Serious to ludicrous comments.

With my camera Nikon CoolPix 8800 I hope I can present a good work which delights all my visitors.

I wish you a good time in visiting my modest Gallery.

Aisha B. B.

إيقاف لحظة من الزمن إلى الأبد
قد تُغني هذه اللحظه عن كل الكلمات

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    living giants says:

    "A B B
    I Dont Know her personalty
    but i always like to write testimonial 4 Perfect Pple

    What Can i Said akther 3an elli ktBooH elli GBli
    i will said what can i see from here pic and klmatha
    I think she's
    Romantic + SweeT + fnaanh Fe t9weer o Creative and Kind
    Love her photo and i always Save it in my PC

    and i''ll never forget to visit her site 7roof mn ftrah lftrah =)
    i luve what she wrote in it !! and a7sha yom tkteb somtimes tktb bkel 3fwyah =)

    BooSi MaRYoooMah

    Wish U The Best Sis"

    April 19th, 2007

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    ELHAJIS  says:

    ""there is so much that can be said about A B B's work. it has been great fun watching as her beautiful daughter grows and experiences life through her mother's eye and talent. A B B is one of the fastest growing talents on flickr. she is creative, inventive and incredibly motivated. her work elicits laughter, tears, and sighs of admiration. i have so enjoyed communicating with her through email, and find her to be one of the most dedicated photographers i know. A B B, you are on the fast track to success, and i wish you the best. :)""

    December 15th, 2006

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    heady way says:

    " i dont know you personally but i wanna say that.....You have such an amazing photostream =)"

    December 14th, 2006

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    AL.عafra ~ AD <3 ~ says:


    تملكين عدسة (( مـذهـلة )) ..لا املك بين مفرداتي المتواضعة مايوفيها حقها

    ربما لا تعلمين ان لموهبتك بالغ الاثر في نفسي
    ولا اقصد عدستك فقط .. وانما كلماتك .. حضورك .. شخصيتك

    اتمنى من خلال هذه الزاوية الصغيرة جدا
    ان اكون قد وفقت بالتعبير عن احترامي و تقديري لشخصك
    تمنياتي لك بحياة سعيدة ناجحة ^_^



    November 26th, 2006

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    ..=D says:

    ur photos are raw3a... o ur one of the best potographers ili a3arfhm...
    inti akthar we7deh tshaj3eeni 3alta9weer.. o i hope akoon as good as U are filta9weer fi yom mn ilayam..."

    November 25th, 2006

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    dhahi alsaeedi says:

    "تجولت بين الصور لغاية رقم صفحه رقم12 بعدين وقفت قلت لالا هذى رحله طويله داخل أنسان فيه من كل شئ بالدنيا حلو ومر وألوان وبدون ألوان فيه طفوله وفيه شيخوخه فيه افراح وحزن فيه من كل شئ .
    أقول رحله طويله لازم استعد لها فى ليله طويله محد يقاطعنى علشان اشوف كل شئ فى هذا المكان اللى
    اسمه أبىبى
    لاأملك الا ان أبدى اعجابى

    دمتى بخير"

    November 24th, 2006

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    SERENDIPITY™ says:

    "my big sistah here in flickr .. one of the rare ppl keeps me going in here ,,, determind & honest .. can accomplish her dreams with such an incridible energy mashalah .. your passion & energy can be shown through yr stream .. delicate soul & a sweet person I really admire indeed & look up 2 .. God bless u & bless your lil Maryoomah ..
    Serena ^_^"

    September 20th, 2006

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    delightful wrench says:

    "GarmOoshaaa =D

    7abeeebat GaLbii anaaaa =) ..
    walla i Love you =)

    she's sO Cute ..KinD.. always haVe sOmethinG NiCe to saY..

    I Like her Special ChoiCes in Words Or ShOts.. =)

    waLLa I'm learning frOm you ta MRS TALENTED entii =)

    Allah y7fthech ow y5aleech Lenaaa =)

    MWAH =*"

    July 9th, 2006

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    Life As Art says:

    "Such exquisite macros, Garmooosha is so creative in the way she looks at the world. What a delightful point of view!"

    May 25th, 2006

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    Frid@y says:

    "G - Great
    a - Amazing
    r - Respectful
    m - Marvellous
    o - Optimistic
    o - Overwhelming
    o - Obliging
    s - Spectacular
    h - Helpful
    a - Appealing

    wish u all the best sis"

    May 19th, 2006

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    fa$hionista says:

    "your photos captivate me..saying they are fabulous is truly an understatement"

    November 18th, 2005

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    M!sLeaD says:

    "Lw ktbt one testimonial ma bywfe 7gch cuz Mashalla 3lech el photography is ur new hobby , bs ana ashofch mobd3h fe hal mjal .. don’t know what 2 say more .. ‘3air allah ywfgch ;)"

    November 14th, 2005

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    TheGrabber~~~ ۩DiaVoLo_GrOuP۩ says:

    "I really dont think i can find the exact words to describe how marvelous her photos are! She is very creative in her pictures, I enjoy going through her photostream because every picture in it is an example of pure art!

    There are a few people in flickr that i look to their pictures to learn from, and Garmooosha (ABB) is one of them ^_^."

    October 11th, 2005

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    had a fab time in London.... says:

    "SHE ASTONISHED ME WITH HER GREAT NEW HOBBY...her fotoz are amazing...and waw are the shots..she has a talent and god bless her..To me she is an inspiration to work hard and never loose hope..she is a sister to me in my heart,someone i know i can turn to for wisdom of advice...:)

    I wish u all the luck in this world...and hope all your dreams come true..never loose hope as you say and always be strong..i admire your strength and surely "maryooma" is lucky to have you "MOTHER" :)"

    September 20th, 2005

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Dubai, UAE
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