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I take photos as hobby, keep on practicing and learning, I only use my Canon digital camera, and Blackberry, no tripod (don't use it as I travel light when I can)... any suggestions of how I can improve my shots efficiently (no time!), most welcomed!

Private feed twitter: @GarethWong (twitter.wong.org.uk)

or public twitter feed: twitter.com/cxoeurope

My pictures on FlickrRiver PIX.GarethWong.org

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==== professionally, still am a not yet millionaire entrepreneur, trying to do the following:

Financial market Maverick:
Founder/CEO of GamBond®, (creating new billion/trillion $ financial vertical) (essentially we insure companies that does not fail by monitoring their cash flow vs outstanding risks vs market & industry benchmark) Yup, provide a real alternative for companies of being rated, listed or audited.

Strategist: Board Advisor to mid market firms to capitalise on cross industry niches from devising strategy to market expansions (from Financial, FMCGs, to social gaming gambling TV/ Entertainment industries).

Doer: we can achieve anything once decided where we need to go, with my extensive network of senior trusted contacts worldwide

As hobby, I focus on highest level of networking with CXOs (CEO,CFO,CIO/CTO, Snr. HR directors of firms with £3m+/$5m+ profits min.) across all sectors, verticals and countries. Personal Website: GW.CXOVIP.org Twitter: @GarethWong (only for friends I already know well though)

images are available as prints and anyone interested in buying them please drop me a line.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

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Gareth Wong (pix.garethwong.com)
July 2007
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