Thank you for visiting my profile.

Thankfully after 2 years of trouble with my eyesight, cataracts, both have now been fixed and am hoping to resume my activities on Flickr, you never know I might get around to posting some more pictures. I have plenty to choose from but it now a question of knowing where to start.

I am now retired but my busy life and two dogs ensure I never have as much time to take pictures as I would like. I take my pictures for fun only, I do not do Art but am pleased to say that just occasionally I manage to achieve it. I leave it to you to decide which ones did.

I prepare all my pictures for publication on Flickr and will do whatever it takes to make them work as images.

All of my pictures are available to use under the most lenient Creative Commons Licence. Do what you will with them as my only aim is for them to be seen and all I ask is an Attribution. It amazes me daily where I find my pictures being used and am proud to see them being used in blogs and websites worldwide.

You will notice that I take a lot of Candids and not just because they prove popular with my audience but mainly because people (girls particularly) are fascinating, every other subject can be, at best, only interesting.

I believe 'Every Picture Tells a Story' however a lot of my pictures just illustrate the one written in the description. Open one up you might enjoy the trip.


I have used this site as a bit of an autobiography, using pictures to paint a picture of my life but I see it has also become a romance telling the story of my life with my wife and our children. It has not all been plain sailing, who's life is, but through it all I hope you can see the love and warmth that have filled my life


I also love my Canon G3 and EOS 450D with the EF70-300mm IS USM lens. I'm still not convinced by the Sony DSC-TX5 however though the panorama feature is amazing. (Since writing that line over 2 years ago I can report that 'My Little Sony' is now my camera of choice. It does so much and weighs next to nothing. Sadly the Sony has suffered a breakage and my wonderful wife bought me a Samsung Galaxy camera to replace it as a Christmas present in 2013. It's a lovely camera and takes great pictures but it is both bulky and fiddly, not a great combination especially for taking candids.


I take my pictures for Friends. Family and Fun and if you enjoy them as well then so much the better. I love people looking at my pictures but I love those who leave messages even more. I do try to reply to all of them.


It was my intention when creating this site to keep it to a 'Best Of' collection. With over 15000 pictures to choose from it has been a hard task stopping myself from uploading everything but hope I have been successful at ensuring only my most interesting pictures made it for your attention and pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.


I keep all my pictures in easy to use sets so if you like family pictures but not wildlife or sport a quick flick through the sets will get you to the pictures you might enjoy.


I have geotagged all my pictures so you can see almost exactly where the pictures were taken and the location of the places that play an important part in my life.


Some simple rules:

# My site is completely PUBLIC so I don't have any FRIENDS or FAMILY photos.


# If you add me as a contact and you mention me as Friend or Family, don't expect to see more photos


# If you don't have any Public Pictures on your Photostream I will never add you as a Contact.


# If your Photostream comprises only close-ups of intimate body parts, don't expect me to add you as any Contact or give you any feedback. I am really not interested in that kind of stuff.


# I am only interested in your Photostream if you took the pictures yourself. Borrowing other peoples and passing them off as yours is not exactly demonstrating your skill as a photographer, is it?


# I do not mind If you 'Favourite' a number of photographs but without any comments I will not get back to you. I put my pictures up for people to enjoy so I can't complain when they do.


Thanks for visiting my profile.

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jo_ces says:

Galerie et albums intéressant ..... grande diversité !

March 11, 2018

Gareth is a gem, with a great sense of humour! I always look forward to browsing his shots and having a bit of a laugh! His shots almost always have a twist to them, and I like this. Keep up the good work, Gareth!! :)

April 9, 2011