Garage Studios is the biggest permanent dedicated photography studio in Brighton, offering hire, creative shoots and training in all aspects of digital photography from enthusiast to professional, all based in the thriving North Laine, just minutes from the train station.

Garage Studios aims to attract those new to digital or film photography, seasoned enthusiasts and semi-pro photographers who want to improve skills. If you want to improve your pictures for pleasure or to make yourself cash from what you shoot then Garage Studios will have something to offer you. For further details about course dates and prices please contact us on the address below.

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01273 609 669

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    Adam Shepherd says:

    "I went on the FLASH course recently, and I came away from it with a number of good impressions.

    The course was well thought out and prepared, with clear examples. The good balance of theory and hands-on practice really made it easy to understand what we were discussing, and allowed me to ask about the things that I needed help with.

    Learning with someone who has real experience with their subject made the course enjoyable in addition to being instructive. Adam was friendly and approachable, always having time for questions. I never felt rushed, and always felt comfortable asking when I needed a hand.

    A few weeks after the course and I've been working on the techniques that I picked up from the course. It has really helped me pick up new ways of using my flash, and given me consistency in what I already knew.

    I encourage anybody who is buying tutorial books, or ordering DVDs to consider a face to face course, and the benefit of being able to ask when you need help. Check out the garage-studios website orgive them a call - it's worth it."

    March 19th, 2009

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    the brownhorse says:

    "Sick, sad, broken Britain at its brokest. Shame on these money-grubbing idiots for selling this fool's gold to vulnerable and ill-prepared youth."

    April 15th, 2009

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    neate photos says:

    "Both the strobist (flash) and studio lighting course are excellently prepared with great teaching from two very individual photographers.

    I first did the studio lighting course with Kev and found him to be an unexpectedly personable teacher, who explained the thinking behind a lot of his work and covered a lot of ground in the two days. I came away with a lot more awareness of what goes on in the preparation for a shoot and how it can be done. Sally was also a very approachable and fun model.

    I've just done the one-day strobist (flash) course and again was in good hands with Adam. The range of information covered has been invaluable for understanding my own equipment and I'm excited to see where I can take things from here.

    In hindsight, the strobist course would have been preferable to have done first start for what I want to shoot but it wasn't available at the time. However, the studio course does introduce a number of features that I wouldn't otherwise have exposed myself for and was still useful preparation for the strobist course.

    Thanks also to Adam and Kev for their early support and getting behind the Brighton on Brighton gallery at Juice 107.2. Am sure I'll be be seeing you some more. Greg"

    November 18th, 2008

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    StephenCotterellPhotography says:

    "After seeing the great work coming out of Garage Studios, it was without any hesitation that I signed up for the first Strobist Course run by Adam.

    I was immediately impressed with the studio set-up, Adam's preparation and interactive teaching style. The students on the course were all a little nervous about what was expected of them and Adam was quickly able to assess our skills (in my case I didn't even know how to use my flashgun in anything other that automatic mode) and move us forward to becoming confident, creative and skilled in off-camera flash lighting.

    For me, I enjoyed the added bonus of having fun in front of the camera as well as behind it.

    Don't take my word about the power of the lighting secrets of the Strobist Course, experience them for yourself with Garage Studios, now.

    My suggestion is that you'll never look back and will look forward to producing even better images."

    November 5th, 2008

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    lissyloola says:

    "I did Garage Studio's 4 week Strobist/DIY flash course and it was bloody marvelous. I had practically zero knowledge when I started and after only four evenings I can't believe the pictures I can now take. Can't wait to see what I can do after Part 2! Very big thanks go to Adam (Mr Brownhorse); a great teacher, an inspiration and a very nice man!"

    November 1st, 2008

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    Jason Lupi says:

    "Garage Studios and the people who run this great photographic space is just what Brighton needs; fantastic space and equipment, run by people with skill and expertise. Having just finished a Strobist/Flash Techniques 4 week course with Adam, Im flashing away left right and centre and Im waiting for Strobist; Level 2. Great course, great teacher and just about great all round."

    October 24th, 2008

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    The Avangelist :: Andy Parker says:

    "I took part in the Studio lighting course by Garage Studios. I came away from the two day (weekend) extravaganza with some great photo's, some new friends and most importantly an understanding of how to creatively use and set up studio lighting from basic 1 light shots to using multiple banks of lights, reflectors, gels and amazing techniques for achieving different effects.

    It also gave me a better understanding of how to use my flash guns which I have been able to take away and use daily. I would very much like to go on their flash strobist course to find even more fantastic new and creative ways to light a photos."

    October 14th, 2008

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    Ben Petrucci Of The Pistoleers says:

    "Just finished the lighting course- Garage studios is the ONLY place to hone your photographic skills. Great space, equipment and location but the whole course was made by the expert tutelage of Dark Daze. Knowledgeable, approachable, passionate and quite obviously talented, he managed to teach me more in two days than most courses offer would have done in a few months. As a complete novice to the studio environment I found it well paced, insightful and model Sally awesome to work with. Photos to follow..............."

    September 7th, 2008

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