It's like Ani says: Art is why Gamma Infinity gets up in the morning, then he spends his life trying to define it.

There is really only one relevant fact behind all this: Gamma Infinity loves you.

I lied. There are two relevant facts behind all this: If you're politically or sexually creepy, Gamma Infinity blocks you.

Not much else to know about Gamma Infinity. A technically inclined visual artist, or whatever it says on twitter. Into bicoastality and antisigmazeroism.

Now go look at the pictures.


PS: Gamma Infinity [traditional art photography jargon] (1) The theoretical limit of b/w film density contrast, literally a negative with only fully opaque and fully transparent tones that would print as pure black and pure white, unattainable in real-world chemistry; (2) Extremely prolonged overdevelopment in dilute or chilled solutions in an attempt to approach this limit at either end while retaining a full tonal scale in the middle; (3) The resulting negative film version of what digital calls HDR.

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  • For GammaInfinity by Corey Blake
  • Me Me Me by Gamma Infinity

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    Cybergabi says:

    "Hugh? I feel blessed to have him as a friend. He's one of the finest, most creative, big-hearted and intelligent photographers - and people - you may meet on flickr. He rocks."

    June 4th, 2008

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    Dupmeister says:

    "His was one of the first photographs I saw after I joined Flickr. I was browsing through groups to see what was out there and while passing through a photoshop group I bumped into a shot of his. I was struck by his skill in Photoshop and the raw honesty that blazed from his shot and commentary. I was drawn in and at this point I can say that I am glad to have seen that photograph. each shot since that day has been amazing and my conversations with him are always refreshing.
    one of my favorite people here for sure."

    April 25th, 2008

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    flutecake says:

    "Gamma Infinity is my hero. I find his work creative, inspiring and a delight. Take a look. He has a child's eye for fun!"

    March 11th, 2008

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