I'm a disruption.


Places lived:

- Canada (Thunder Bay, Wawa, Waterloo, Toronto, Vancouver)

- Those United States (Denver, New York City)

- Finland (Ilomantsi)

- Japan (Tokyo)


Places visited:

- Canada (every province save Saskatchewan and Newfoundland & Labrador, no territories yet)

- USA (Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida)

- Europe (Finland, Sweden, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany)

- Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)

- New Zealand

- South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay)


Places to visit one day (though preferably for longer):

- DC, the Southwest, Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana, Montana

- Mexico, Cuba, one of those Caribbean isles, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize

- Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador

- Prague (for more than 2 hours and elsewhere other than the airport next time), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Wales, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Munich

- Morocco, Kenya, South Africa

- Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam

- Antarctica

- the Moon (someone told me it was nice)

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  • HometownThunder Bay
  • Current cityVancouver
  • CountryCanada
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