Hi! Thanks for looking at my pictures!

i owe so much to Flickr... i've become fascinated with photography again, after years of neglect. thanks to photo social networking, i have had some images published, i have organized some cafe shows that arose from a Flickr photo stroll, i have embraced my rekindled obsession, and i've started to dip my toes back into the world of video, which i'd set aside since college. i'm so thankful for the community-building features, savvy staff and smart community members here!

i got into Flickr while working at Salon.com managing The WELL and Salon article comments communities. (it's been refreshing to be free to be at flickr purely as an opinionated customer and community participant. i've taken my shoes off and am having a fabulous time in group visual play here.)

i came over with the fotolog.net emigres in fall of 2004, in an interesting "online refugee" transition. part of my earlier profile from those fotolog days rings true:

" i usually use a fairly small midprice digital camera. i take it with me nearly everywhere. this medium has gotten me seeing things again. i miss B&W darkroom work from high school and college years ago, but not enough to do it anymore.

i`m learning about light and composition and form, all over again. i`m also interested in objects, events, humor... times when the photo is weak but the subject matter grabs me: sometimes a shot is only a snap.

I've written a few posts about Flickr interestingness, interface and Flickr community over at my infrequent blog, which is often about online community dynamics. I've also posted a lot about Flickr within the conferences on The WELL:
www.well.com/ I even presented about Flickr at a conference -- the Net Squared conference in a session for nonprofit mashups.

View my DNA at bighugelabs.com

fotogail - Click that dot to view some of my my 'abstract' photos on Flickriver

FlickRiver is a way to see images on black, much better for many of these shots. I love these toys the community builds for one another.

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    zen says:

    "Gail's work doesn't scream at you; it quietly surprises and is the kind of thoughtful photos that, like soft jazz, plays beautifully in the background until some phrase or line perks up your eyes and then you can't stop looking, can't stop wanting that gentle shock that she gives visually. Her awareness is something i admire immensely.

    I've happily come to know her photographic landscape generally and enjoy her comments and honest and undemanding friendship quite a lot."

    July 22nd, 2006

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    O Caritas says:

    "Quite simply, Gail's photostream is one of the most enjoyable on flickr. Her eye and attention to detail is amongst the keenest I've yet come across here, and I look forward to her clever, "quick-witted" images, and her vision of her world.

    I've never gotten the impression that she spends a lot of time commenting on others' photos, but her quiet presence is an enormous influence on me and (no doubt) others."

    September 21st, 2005

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    bruce grant says:

    "to have the kind of eye for visual beauty that gail has would be enough for most artists...

    but to combine this with the kind of social/anthropological eye for the nuances of social photoblogging (a term i learned from her)...

    ...and to combine that analytical understanding of social nuance with real concern and care for the people involved...

    and to combine those with the kind of catholicity of taste that embraces urban beauty, natural beauty, and baseball...

    and to combine all of those with the passion for social justice -- and the conviction that art can further that passion...

    this is rare...exceedingly rare

    i'm honored that gail has become my friend

    you go, girl"

    September 18th, 2005

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    krazydad / jbum says:

    "A caretaker. One of the rare few who takes an active role in the care & feeding of online communities."

    April 3rd, 2005

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    D4rkst4r says:

    "It has become a daily joy to vicariously see through your eyes and lens !
    Such talent should not go uncommented !
    Thank you for your sharing !"

    March 2nd, 2005

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    poederbach says:

    "Actually I don't like to comment on a single photo. It is the whole of your stream that facinates me. I am very sensitive to colours and forms, eventually emotions.
    I have been working with pictures for most of my life as a professional, so get bored easily. I envy those who are able to create a new reality using forms and colours.
    My other half is the storyteller. Some pictures have a story, you are telling me those stories too. I hope you also let me free in finding out what story the picture itself delivers to me. Watching pictures can be an adventure a journey in to what you present in forms and colours.
    Your photostream is facinating, I'll be watching your archive from now on with a different attitude.


    November 30th, 2004

Gail Williams
October 2004
northern california
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