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First of all: Thank you very much! They are a big part of my motivation! I welcome comments and I will reciprocate by checking out and commenting on your photostream. However, please do not leave any gaudy, glittery, flashing group icons! Pasting some code beneath an image isn’t commenting! I will delete them right away.


A Little background of me:


As an engineer with a degree in architecture I worked a lot with Photoshop and Illustrator to create visualizations and got the ground of retouching covered. When moving from Wiesbaden, Germany to Paris, France in 2006 I bought a Point and Shoot. In any minute of spare time, I strolled through the foreign streets of Paris equipped with my camera making pictures. And so I got addicted to photography.

In January 2008 I switched to a dslr and saw a HDR Tutorial from Jeff Revell. From that moment I was hooked and started to experiment with HDR a lot. During that period of time, I was most inspired by Trey Ratcliff and Ben Wilmore and I developed my own style and technique.

My favorite subjects are Architecture, Land- and Cityscapes as well as cars, especially antique ones.

I can say that a few of you have inspired me beyond what I thought was possible and for that I thank you. I also thank all of you for visiting my stream and sharing your comments.


Creative Commons:


Feel free to use photos with credits and links. No commercial use without permission.

Please give credit to: Kay Gaensler and link directly to the used image in my stream. Credit must be given directly beneath or on the image. If you drop me a line where you used one of my images I will promote you on my social network!


Group Invites:


Group invites are welcome (especially those with a button to add the image), but I do not participate in any Post/Award groups. And I will delete any gaudy, glittery, flashing group invite icons!



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