i find myself shooting less and less. being less and less inspired and impressed by things. in the past, i've waged war against this sort of waning interest.. and I have produced some fine images by my standard.. but its a never-ending battle to pick up the camera and walk it around and let it see the world now and again. I don't surprise myself as easily as I once did... and typical of my kind, i prefer things to happen easily if not naturally.


speaking of 'naturally' its a funny notion to me- i've always preferred a genuine expression or moment to one that is contrived to look a particular way.. But you realize that despite yourself, you are still attempting to cultivate a particular style of image in an attempt to avoid that 'contrived' look.


so i get into this sort of back and forth cycle of self doubt and second guessmanship. what can you do?


Keep shooting, i guess.

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