I took a 4 year Diploma in Art & Design before they had invented degrees in art or graphics. However, I was awarded an honours degree after I'd left college and started work in a studio. All pretty irrelevant now.

I've always worked as a graphic designer (with my own business for the last 35 years) and usually contracted photographers for professional work, but I've rarely been able to resist carrying a camera myself.

I believe that you can always improve what you do, always see things better, always find new ways of looking at things. I may have been lazy with my camera for the last few years, but I'm hoping a project365 on he environment will change that. (New camera developed a fault and project will have to be started again.)

My photo dating system is idiosyncratic, being yyyy/mm/dd - that way all my computer files self order for date of origination.

If you want to use any of my pics just ask. I have higher res versions than appear here and I'm not likely to ask for a fee, I'd just like the courtesy of being asked.

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Bruce Aiken
February 2008
Exmoor National Park, England
I am:
Male and Taken
Graphic Designer