Camera nerd stuff:- I've been photographing seriously for a little under ten years, starting with my first pocket 1.2mpx digital about 1999 (oh, the pain of looking at those early pics and finding they're all a mere 800px x 600px!). I've been tinkering around with Photoshop since about 2000, and now use CS4 plus a few plug-ins, and I edit on a Dell hi-colour LCD screen. For the first of a series of paid commissions, in 2003 I bought one of the (then new) Canon 300D digital SLR cameras, which is what I've stuck with since. Although I mostly use a Fuji f440 pocket digital, which can be carried everywhere on my belt, and which can be enhanced greatly in range with the PTGUI panorama software. In Dec 2008 I became a "three camera" photographer and bought a Sigma DP1. If I need pictures chemically printed from digital, I use the excellent Peak Imaging near Sheffield. If I need a photobook printed I use Blurb.


Pictures:- I guess you could see a three-way split between: various documentary pictures of people; unvarnished 'record pictures' (often big panoramas) showing what a place looks like; b&w arty and 'experimental' pictures which often veer towards the gothic and uncanny.


I teach videogames, among other things, so there are also five or six sets of videogame screenshots among my Flickr sets.

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