In this bio, Leo Fung will refer to himself in the third person. That way, he can write about his life as an endlessly important analyst, his countless and adventurous travels to exotic locales and his many achievements, all without coming across as a shameless bragging wanker. Furthermore, because it will appear as if someone else wrote this about him, it will appear as if Leo was most certainly important enough so people write about his life and operations.

He will furthermore refer to his home as his 'studio', and his beloved set of hands as his 'studio manager'. As if anyone will ever know.
He will also be sure to mention his FOBbilicious upbringing and his professional beginnings in Calgary, as well as his budding polyglot nature. Then he'll casually throw in his extensive journeys around the world, and, of course, his philosopher-obligatory stays in urban North America, which will essentially round up his Hemingwayesque resume.

After that, he might ramble on for six more paragraphs about his deeply philosophical take to life, his always intimate relationship with cars and running, his unique and complex understandings of integrating light and shadow into his profitability analysis as well as his transcendent ability to connect with the universe beyond the limits of ordinary experience. He will continue to do so until the readers' attention has definitely wandered well beyond the point of turning into a blurry haze.

Leo is currently working on some new and capricious personality features, to be probably exhibited in the very near future. Previously described by friends and colleagues as arrogant, a total douche, a jackass with no concern for other people's feelings, socially inept, a big jerk, annoying, a shameless wanker, and, lacking in humility; such attributes are proving no longer suitable for a character of Leo's magnitude. Fresh behavioral routines of unique eccentricity and even more difficult behavior are in the final stages of rehearsal before being premiered.

Naturally, Leo does not merely live in Calgary, but "currently divides his time between homes" in Calgary and every city and country he has ever lived in. He believes sleeping is for babies and that life's shortness necessitates the need to never sleep.

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Leo Fung
June 2009
Calgary, Canada
I am:
Male and Single
Planning Analyst