Is this enough to introduce myself?


BTW, I don't like video on Flickr.

I love to leave comments and assign favorites... but I don't agree a lot with the "post 1 fave 12" groups. So when I'm invited in these group I'll assign my comments and faves only to photos with a nude subject.
This is to make a difference between faves I want to assign and faves I have to assign, just in case you'll find my favorite list strangely assorted.

Funadium is the name of our company.
We are specialized in Italian cooking courses, but we make also photography courses, architectural workstages, painting and sculpture courses, etc.
The whole list can be found on our web site
If a whole course is too much for you, take a look at our Online Photo Tutoring service.

Do you want one of our tote bags?
They are very useful: other than for shopping, you can use them for a lot of other things: a lady who had one transformed it into a bean bag for her camera!
Just send a message to me and you'll have your bag, of course for free.

Funadium Tote Bags


The most of the photos shown here are available under the Creative Commons license.
If you use them for your magazine or newspaper, please send me a complimentary copy
(if it's not too expensive for you, of course: if you place my photo on the Encyclopedia Britannica I don't ever have the place for it!).
If you want a copy of the RAW file of an image you can have it: just mail me.

If you write a testimonial for me please send a message: usually I don't check my profile very often... I know it :-)

If the page is still loading when you arrive at this point, it is because the MSN checker is pretty slow. If you don't need to send a MSN message you can go directly to my photo stream.
If you want to add me to your instant messaging contacts please send a mail: I'm pretty tired of lonely Ukrainan girls who want to meet me...

Please, don't forget to look at my favorites: the most interesting photos I found browsing around.

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    Tyna D says:

    "Funadium is the only person that I have ever felt compelled to write a testimonial for ...... he is a truly gifted photographer. He manages to bring out the beautiful in the ordinary. His photos of food leave you hungry for more .... his photos of Italy make you want to book a trip as soon as possible. He is not only a gifted photographer, but is so warm and gracious to those of us who are still learning .... he shares his knowledge so willingly. I am so glad to have come across his photos on Flickr and I love seeing that he has posted new photos!"

    December 22nd, 2007

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    Funchye says:

    "Knowing funadium has been a long journey with fun-ad-libitum. It has been a great pleasure to get the contact with him. I've heard the nice story of making the name funadium. My play with the letters wasn't mentioned, but I have a suspicion about that also this interpretation has been in his thoughts FUNADlibItUM. Because this is what you get :-)

    funadium shares his knowledge and experiences with a great deal of generosity and helps even mean amateurs to feel they also have a potential to be a good photographer. funadium is always the first man on the spot with a comment and a respond. He is not always saying positive things, but he is always reliable and you always get a fair treatment. He can also be very critical and there must really be something special before he gets impressed, but when this happens he will not forget to make the attentive to that.

    I'm sure I would be the first to sign up for a course whether is was in the wonderful area in Liguria or it was just at a course of distance at the first opportunity.

    I have tried several times to impress by information about this and that, but funadium has always a sharp remark to return. funadium knows everything and what he doesn't know about he will find out. There is not much which can surprise him, maybe except from a sign in Cervo showing one of his loving kittens. The sign turned out to be a great success for funadium!

    There is always a kind of astonishment in the photos. I love his photos and specially the long and informative texts which follows everything from recipe over mad experiments till beautiful scenic areas.

    I hope to keep the contact, because "you feel better with funadium" :-)"

    October 1st, 2007

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    turbomg says:

    "E' la prima testimonial che scrivo...secondo me Funadium è dotato di una grandissima creatività e fantasia fuori dal comune...anche se non sempre siamo d'accordo sulle foto che facciamo eheh (vedere commenti)..... inoltre è sempre disponibile a dispensare consigli o anche più semplicemente scambiare 4 chiacchere fino a tarda notte... una persona sicuramente gentile e affabile."

    September 10th, 2007

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    tiburón blanco says:

    "Perchè che scrivo un testimonial per Funadium? Non so dirlo esattamente, ma il suo stile mi affascina. Ho visto molte foto mostrare gli alimenti ed i piatti, qualcuno potrebbe domandarselo che cosa ci sia da fotografare nei piatti…, piuttosto direi che non è una cosa facile (e lui riesce molto bene), inoltre è una parte interessante della fotografia il quale può darci molte soddisfazioni. Potrebbe provare a diventare come il photografo David Loftus, che è famoso per questo tipo di foto. Altro da dire su di lui…Può assomigliare apparentemente a qualcuno che si annoia molto, mentre al contrario è molto disponibile e simpatico e molto scherzoso. Spero di imparare qualcosa da lui.
    Dal El tiburón blanco de la fotografía

    Why am I writing a testimonial for Funadium?I don't know how to say it exactly, but his style fascinates me.I have seen a lot of photos showing foods and dishes, someone could wonder what there is to photograph in the dishes...Well, I'd rather say it is not an easy thing (and he succeeds very well), moreover it is an interesting aspect of the photography which can give us many satisfactions.He could try to become as the photographer David Loftus, who is famous for this sort of photos.Other to say about him... Oh, yes: he can apparently look like somebody who become annoyed, while he is very available and nice instead.I'll like to learn something from him.
    By el tiburón blanco de la fotografía"

    August 26th, 2007

Marco Bernardini
February 2007
Italian Riviera, where slowly Italy becomes Provence, Italy
I am:
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