San Francisco-based Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics (MHTA) provides a diversity of hair restoration solutions, including follicular unit extraction (FUE). Trained technicians harvest hair a single follicle at a time, leaving only small dot-like scars across the scalp. Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics’ approach makes the extraction less visible within the donor area compared with the strip Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method and enables patients to wear their hair short.


The Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics team employs techniques developed by founder Dr. John Diep, who maintains diplomate status with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Among his inventions is the Diep Extractor, a biopsy punch device that is integral to the FUE technique. Utilizing the instrument, he is able to harvest up to 2,500 hair grafts in one session. Dr. Diep has also developed the Diep FUE Curve Technique, which enables the harvesting of hair roots that are wavy and curly with African-American patients.

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