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Quick Note: If you are following many thousands of Flickr users, you don't need to follow me. Same for faving and adding my photos to galleries but not allowing me to see yours. Buh-bye.

In September 2012 I had my first gallery show with the Artists' Collective of Hyde Park. It has been a wonderful experience with a terrific group of dedicated and enthusiastic artists. This was the big test for me, my first publicly hung art on display, and I am happy to report success! We have a new show about every 5 weeks. The gallery also has a monthly open mic night, workshops and other events. Please visit our Facebook page (and our gallery in person if you are able) at

ACHP Web Site:

May, 2012: I've been off Flickr for a couple years now, due to various personal demands not the least of which was a work position that required all of my time, energy and mind. I now hope to return to photography with a bit more balance. I've missed it and everyone on Flickr terribly! Let me tell you, peace is underrated.

I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State, US. I have a cat, Petey, and I am a Software Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager by trade. Photography is a hobby and therapy. :)

ftoomschb. Get yours at

Since I joined Flickr, I have used a Sony DSC-F707 with a Zeiss lens with macro capability. In late 2008 I got a new Sony Alpha A700 with an 18-200 mm lens. I have since obtained a Tamron f2.8 90mm macro lens and a wide angle lens. I also sometimes use a Sony WX-350 for convenience.

My tastes are very eclectic. I often enjoy photos that are very different in style or subject matter than my own. I am glad that Flickr affords me such an abundance of amazing photos to see.

Today's tip: If you notice the frame before you notice the subject of the photo, the frame was probably a mistake. If you notice the watermark before you notice the subject of the photo, congrats - your big honking watermark or signature has ruined a perfectly good photo. I do use watermarks now, but I try to make them subtle.

Of late I have lost interest in joining the following groups:

--Groups that put an invite on my photo but then demand that I write to an administrator for acceptance to the group

--Groups with a moderation queue that wait for days (in one case, 6 weeks!) before accepting my photo, which then goes in at the same time as a huge backlog and is immediately on page 6 or page 20 of the group, and is never seen by anyone.

Do I understand that it is hard to moderate these groups, that the mods can't always be on Flickr, that they have a valid goal of maintaining the quality of images, etc.? Of course I do, and I sympathize. And of course I appreciate the compliment to my photo very much. But with the number of groups available on Flickr, for me personally, the value of these groups simply doesn't make up for the annoyance. Besides, I am probably in too many groups anyway. :)

DSC04081adj Plum Island

Here's a tip - don't make your photos temporarily private unless you don't mind that you will lose all the favorites people have given it - like I did with this one :P
DSC03200adj  Innisfree

DSC02789 Many Me

DSC02946adj  Of Course I Don't Mind Your Bald Spot, Dear - 'Kiss'

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November 2006
Hyde Park, NY
Poughkeepsie, NY, United States
I am:
QA Manager/Technical Project Manager