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I am an amateur photographer based in Hong Kong. Prior to go aboard fashion design as my career, I was like a typical adolescent who hops between jobs all the time. Among those jobs are production house, and studio. After some years I finally settled after I studied fashion design in France. Due to my job nature, I start getting into photography when I bought my first camera, a Nikon FM2.
In these few years, I get to know a few professionals in the field and through our conversations, I have been trying to steer away from the traditional style and establish my own technique. At the same time, I begin to study the design of camera lens and hopefully I can match my picture with a lens’ unique characteristic. My most recent favorite is wildlife photography. No two pictures are alike and patient is always needed to capture such.

本人從事時裝設計工作十多年...而我的攝影興趣是十多年前做電影幕後工作時...被好多工作人員毒害所致...我小時後很野性...分分工都做唔長..做過廣告公司..專業克房冲曬等等...最終去左法國做時裝才停下來...我的第一部相機是NikonFM2 .. 近幾年我不斷接觸不同的攝影師..為的是要知道不同攝影風格和守則...從而希望忘記他們的守則...而發展出.一些..有自己風格相片...也不斷究研各品牌鏡片的獨有味道.....要的:是在不同場合...用不同鏡片拍攝. ...近幾年我最欣賞生態拍攝..因為永遠唔會有相同的相出現...同相片背後的耐性...
OUT OF BIRDING(Bridled Tern)

Me in Mihara Yasuhiro Party


Ha Ha !!!

Wait Look at Me

I Get the D300s Today

This is My New Love!! Love!! Love!! Camera Body

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    vLeon says:

    "Stfbfc’s wildlife captures are really really good, especially his shots of birds. They are out of this world. I recommend them highly to anyone who enjoys lovely and lively photos.
    One of the best photographers of on flickr. More people must see his work."

    March 6th, 2008

Frankie Chu
May 2007
Hong Kong香港..San Francisco三藩市...China中國
Hong Kong香港
I am:
Fashion Designer
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