The owner of Blue Sky Financial, Frank Cardia has been building experience in the financial services sector for more than 15 years. A licensed financial advisor, Frank Cardia and his firm help clients to secure their financial well-being using various strategies and methods. He has helped countless clients find a better financial future for themselves and their businesses. Mr. Cardia is also a licensed life and health insurance broker and a licensed New Jersey realtor.


Aside from his work with Blue Sky Financial, Frank Cardia has run a successful consulting business for the last six years. He has worked within firms, side by side with company employees, and in larger forums such as 100-200 person seminars. He has passed on his sales expertise and techniques to thousands of salespeople, and has seen many of his clients skyrocket from moderate success to six-figure incomes.


Mr. Cardia’s own business success is evidence of the power of his techniques. From a three-employee, $150,000-per-year operation, he developed a mortgage firm into a 175-employee, 11-office, $10 million-per-year enterprise. Mr. Cardia has worked and trained with such luminaries of the sales and self-help world as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Richard Bandler, and others.


In addition to his finance and sales careers, Frank Cardia is an avid marathoner and triathlete. He has completed more than 30 triathlons and has run in 14 marathons. He has finished four ultra-marathons, one of them was a 100 mile run, which took him 23hrs and 22 minutes. In one consecutive three-day period, he completed a Marathon, an Ironman Triathlon, and then another Marathon. Frank Cardia supports several charities, and once completed a 50-mile run to raise money to send a family to Disney World after a sudden, tragic death.

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  • JoinedOctober 2012
  • OccupationFinancial services executive
  • CountryUnited States


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