I'm a Chilean photographer currently working on street photography and portraits, documenting Chilean society as it goes along globalisation. I'm also a university lecturer.

Update November 2012: It’s being a while since the last time I updated this profile. I think the reason is that I write every time I change my camera. Now I’ve got a Lumix G5. I’ve been consistent with the brand because it makes really easy street photography. I can carry the camera anywhere without causing problems to people. The shutter now can be electronic, meaning no sound at all if I want. It has a lot less noise and many features more. I’m still interested in the project “The Face of Chile” which consists in street portraits to people in this country. For now, I don’t have plans for exhibitions or books, just improving my images and showing you people in real like situations.

Update April 2011: I'm back in Chile. My first image is "CL Society 01: Adult runners", taken during the 2011 Santiago Marathon (my brother runs, but I prefer to take photographs). I'm very happy to contribute for the first time with my work to Chilean Flickr groups of all sorts. A new beginning for me and long waited one.

Update August 2010: I bought a new camera, the Panasonic Lumix G2. The main advantage for me is street photography. With the rotated display and touch screen features, I can simply walk and take photographs very fast. The focusing and the exposure are controlled with one touch of my finger. Hardly anyone notice I’m taking a photograph, because people don’t see me pressing the shutter. I think people assume that using the screen is for viewing photographs. Also, another year has passed and my knowledge of photography has increased. I’m an amateur, without a doubt, but I’m really trying to understand what makes a good photograph. I read very often about history of photography and about the masters. I really hope to create art through my pictures, but I’m just beginning the journey.

Update May 2009: Although I feel that live in the credit crunch era in the UK is both interesting and sad for job losses, I managed to buy a brand new camera: Panasonic G1, the first non-SRL ever. I could have had another brand for a similar price (I wanted a Nikon actually), but I was impressed by professional reviews and I took some risk. I am very happy with the G1 and I wouldn’t change it at all. My first Flickr photograph with it is UK Society 23. With that image I also enter into portraits because I feel more confident and my knowledge of Photoshop have increased. It’s a learning curve, as usual.

I am a Chilean social anthropologist very interested in photography since childhood. I remember my father bringing home a book to learn how to make photographs, which I read from cover to cover several times. Then, he bought a Russian SRL camera (Zenith), which we used for many years. With my younger brother we bought later a Nikon F601. He’s got now a Nikon D40 and I have got a point-and-shoot camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC70), which reflects of course my economical situation in the UK. I have read many photography books. I always borrow from university libraries photography books (they are so big and so expensive to buy). This does not mean that I have learnt something, but reflects a passionate interest in photography since always. Although I was born in the age of analogue photography, I happily switched to digital photography. I use Photoshop extensively, partly because of the limitations of my present camera but also because of its endless possibilities. I hope that by joining Flickr, I could be part of an international community of photography fans.

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    ivan.barrientos says:

    "Francisco es chileno pero no deja de sorprenderme lo "gringas" que son sus fotos: la selección de colores y sus combinaciones y la tendencia a entregar información objetiva, con numerosos encuadres a todo el campo visual, con pocos encuadres selectivos e intencionados, me causan esa sensación.
    Imagino que en ello hay algo de la influencia de vivir, como él, en un contexto cultural distinto que, por novedoso, concentra la atención.
    Si es así, pienso que finalmente será una experiencia enriquecedora que, de vuelta en su hogar, le hará ver lo nuestro ahora como nuevo y, eventualmente, valorarlo en distinta forma.
    En todo caso, mientras este año transcurre, será agradable ver como su fotografía va siendo testigo de sus experiencias en esas tierras . . . y que sean las mejores."

    December 10th, 2009

Francisco Osorio
September 2008
Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
I am:
Social anthropologist
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