Audreyjay at your service. Born in Switzerland, French on paper and currently living Down Under.

Henri Cartier Bresson used to call himself a 'foutugraphe' instead of a 'photographe' (photographer in French).
I have been looking for months for a good translation of it into English but I have found nothing yet that would be quite as good as it sounds in French.

It's basically a play on words between 'foutu' (=bloody, damned, bloody awful, hell of a...) and 'photographe'. I do realise the meanings are quite contradictory but that's what's so charming about it.

Not taking myself very seriousy here.

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    alfarman says:

    "Looking thru foutugraphe images i have discovered style and wonderful colour. Her images are wonderfully varied and i like them all."

    June 29th, 2005

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