Photography for me is about Variety.. and of course, Perception.
There's an image in every thing and the eye is how you tell the story.
Also, as well as with Music, I find Photography to be a Universal Language.

Guitarist/Bassist/Teacher/Recording Artist...Composer,Arranger of a wide variety of styles including : Jazz,Blues,Reggae,Rock,Fingerstyle,Classical,Relaxation....
CD's available upon request...


I eye i.e.
4                  U
right side up
happy fathers day...
Me and my Canon
Rich Hommel

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-you can hear a small sampling of my playing at .. .

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    Nathalie Stravers says:

    "I just heard the guitar you played at you web my space..incrdible ..
    I saw you photos daily...they are just gorgeous..
    Trully art from your eyes and your music..
    Salute and keep it up..
    Being one of of your friend is an honoured for me."

    May 28th, 2009

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    merciful hill says:

    "I don't really have to say anything about your photos because they speak for themselves......professional comes to just have to look at one to see that you are a genius at spotting beauty wherever it may be.......but your that is something I am hoping that everyone on here will get to hear. There is a song...that this man wrote...and it just sends me to heaven every time I hear's called, "Flight Train"'s incredibly beautiful and full of soul. Please go to his "MySpace" to hear will be amazed, as I was, to hear how versatile his music is. A wonderful photographer, musician and friend.....thank you for sharing your gifts with us xxx"

    June 29th, 2008

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    chivalrous guitar says:

    "Rich is an artist. Musically, and photographically. I am glad to have met him here on Flickr, and always enjoy seeing what he has captured with his camera.

    Always a pleasure to see his comments, receive his emails, or check out his myspace page and listen to his music. Glad to know this guy, and some time hope to run into him while up in Albany. ."

    May 25th, 2008

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    ~Jeannine~ says:

    "Rich takes some of the most artistic shots of any photographer I know. He can use color or black & white, take whole scenes or just small pieces abstractly, and has the innate sense to know when to do what. He is extremely creative in his compositions, and I think he has a wonderful talent for spotting and showcasing linear and other patterns. He is also a really nice person, and I am very happy he is my Flickr friend."

    May 1st, 2008

February 2008
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