Okay, here's the deal:

At the beginning of October 2008, I moved from Berkeley, California, to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. I know few people in my new city and I work from home. As the days got shorter and my world got colder, I found myself spending more and more time holed up in my home office in front of my computer.

At the beginning of December, it was clear to me that I was heading towards creative malaise (not great for a graphic designer), if not outright depression (not great for anybody). I decided that it was time to take small steps to avoid deeper doldrums.

So then: a project…

1. Get out of the apartment at least once a day.
2. Walk around and take pictures.
3. Post my favorite shot.
4. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s been my hope that building this discipline into my day will help me handle being home all the time, will allow me to get to know my camera better and hone my photographic skills, and perhaps most importantly, will force me to find beauty in the frigid bleakness of my new wintry home.

I've been posting the photos to a photoblog at fotomattic.com, as well as in Flickr sets for each month titled "Daily Shoot."

About invitations: I love the community aspect of Flickr. I love comments. And since I'm pretty new to photography, I'm eager to learn and grow. But I don't love the garish "Post in my group" invitations. I'll usually be happy to add a photo to your group, as long as: it's relevant to your group, you don't require me to join jour group or vote on anything, and (this is key) your invitation does not include an image. If your request has an image, I will likely delete it.

Photos of fotomattic (7)

  • ruiner by lauren*o
  • The Vivian Maier-Inspired Photoshoot - Phase 1 by Jim Watkins Photography
  • hblad 263 snug as a bug in a rug made of ice by GirlReaction
  • Matt, Making the Necessary Sacrifices by meeralee
  • jam packed by lauren*o
  • Day 299 - Escalator by Aaron Courter
  • settlers really brings out the best in people by lauren*o

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