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I got interested in photography in junior high school. I helped a neighbor who was a couple of years older than me build a darkroom in his garage and in return, he taught me how to process negatives and make prints (all B&W, of course).

My first 35mm camera was a Beseler Topcon, with one or two lenses. It was the noisiest camera I have ever owned, so loud that it got me kicked off the court at an NBA game by the late Pete Maravich when he was shooting free throws. It ws pretty servicable, and lasted until I got to college, where a relative sold me a slightly used Nikkormat for $50.

I spent my college years working for the school paper, and was the photo editor, even though I was not a journalism major. I also sold a few pictures to the wire services of political events and figures as well as some sporting events.

I have been a Nikon user ever since college. All my digital work is with a Nikon DSLR and the new generation of zoom lenses (VR is nice). I find myself shooting film less and less frequently, sadly. Although I am trying to rectify that now, because I still love shooting film.

I'm also an airline pilot (and flight instructor when motivated to teach), and being an former Naval Aviator love aviation. So I hope to get some decent flying/airplane pictures up here from time to time

I hope you enjoy my pictures. I am uploading some of my older pictures on Flickr as I get time (and find them). Please feel free to leave comments ... all are appreciated.

Note: Thanks for coming to my Flickr page, many many folks have stopped by and left good, constructive positive comments and I appreciate that. I have most of the pictures up here licensed as "All Rights Reserved". If you want to use an image, please drop me an email and I will be happy to oblige any non-Commercial requests and will talk about any commercial use you are interested in. I have recently had one of my images stolen and used for directly commercial use and it is now the subject of litigation. I am the last person in the world to sue anyone, but his was a blatant and outrageous violation of the Creative Commons license and the image has turned into a top moneymaker for the infringer(s).

Bottom line: Please ask before using, chances are 90% I'm going to say yes and that's that. Many of my images are on Wikipedia and other places and that's wonderful.

Shawn (Fotodawg)

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    swift north says:

    "I am thrilled to write the very first testimonial for Flickr's best kept secret. Shawn's photostream is filled with variety and appeals to every one of your senses. He's mastered everything from HDR scenery to floral photography and shoots well with 35mm or digital. He isn't afraid to experiment and is so talented that even his "experiments" turn out as works of art. I am always so happy when he posts because I know that after viewing my day will instantly improve. :-) I am glad I met Shawn and get to count him among my Flickr friends."

    August 11th, 2006

January 2006
Raleigh, United States
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