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These are my current Explore Photos
Explore II
1. Vase and Weeds B&W Still, 2. Vancouver Harbour, 3. Ever heard of "Crow" Diesel?, 4. Keep on Trackin, 5. Open Snow Drop, 6. Skyward Symmetry, 7. Lighting the way., 8. Background Crow,

9. Morning Glow, 10. Foggy Night, 11. Big Luna, 12. Isolated in the foothills, 13. "H" Support

I started six groups in case you are interested.

No-Flash Night Shots which hightlighs long exposure night photographty of any type.
No-Flash Night Shots. Get yours at

Sunburst Specialty which highlights rays, flares, and sunbursts.
Sunburst Specialty. Get yours at
"Top Favoritied Picture by Flickr 'ites" is one I am passionate about. It involves only one post per member and that is the top favorited by flickr 'ites and set by the system. This is an eclectic selection of photos that emphasizes our differences and similarities in the passion of visually produced sensory input. As long as the members replace their top favorited when it changes on there photostream this pool will be visually dynamic.

Top Favorited Picture by Flickr 'ites (Post One Top Favorited). Get yours at

"Pick-a-Flick to Stay" Is a group where you participate in selection a photo to stay in the pool by it getting 10 picks by the pool memebers.
Pick-a-Flick to Stay [Comment On The Most Recent 10 First!]. Get yours at

D.A.R.E. CREATE D igital A bstracts R eveal E xpression is a pool for digitally altered or created pictures.
D.A.R.E. CREATE - D igital A bstracts R eveal E xpression. Get yours at
Postcards from the World.

Individual threads of Postcards from each country have post highlighting scenes and sights from members whether it is their homeland or a place they have travelled.

Postcards from the World (Post your Country Postcard) Read Rules. Get yours at

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Phil Barrs
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