So much to tell and so little time, and you'd probably not be interested anyway ! I love photo's but don't like having my photo taken - if ever there was a face made for radio, I'm it !


Been interested in photography for ages, but only last year decided to stump up the cash to get a decent camera and see what I could do.


I take photos at any opportunity, the more you take the more chance of getting that 'killer' shot. Unfortunately I seem to get more 'flesh wounds' than anything :O(


Currently trying to get a Watford Flickr group going with my mate Odd Thomas, as Watford Camera Club looks a bit doddery judging from their website. If you're interested, drop us a line.

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Woozy Bulb (deleted)

Not only does he take some lovely pictures, but he's also a top guy to chat too on flickr.

July 1, 2006