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The Path Into the Frozen Forest (My 30th Explore) Death of a Bonsai (1) Barcode Leaping out of the blur Angel (2) Texas Hold'Em Lucky Ace Big Ugly Parking Crowned Church Time is Running Out Orange and Lime Bruised Prancing Horse Rolling rolling rolling... LAU Forest Sorrow Lonely leaf Paint the sky red I Got to Catch the Train Cinematic train Smoke Ghost Sex? Incense smoke (3) Bike on orange 2007_04210009a Charlot and the giant fork Sanbitters Charlot and the giant fork (2) 2007_04150083 Riflessi_Muzzano_6

I've always been fascinated by images. After all, my father is an artist, so I had plenty of visual stimulation at home.

Still, photography always came across to me as too complex. I don't like failure (that's an understatement...). Having to wait for days before discovering that the wonderful shot you had in your head did not quite go to plan (because either the photographer or the developer screwed up) was too much like getting bad marks at school, so I never dared.

I also did not have the required budget for it, as during my teenage years (and quite a bit beyond that) I was spending all my money on records ;-)

Still, the digital revolution got me interested in photography again. It took ages before I finally took the plunge and bought a FujiFilm FinePix S9600 in April 2007, but from that point on there was no turning back.

In September 2007 I bought a second-hand Canon 400D, followed by quite a few objectives (the current set is: 16-35 f/2.8 L, 70-200 f/2.8 IS L II, 50 f/1.4, 60 f/2.8 macro) and a 430 EX II flash I got for my birthday.
In November, after taking well over 10000 shots with the 400D, I moved to the next level by buying a 7D, and I have been loving it to bits. Really looking forward to the MKII version...

After dabbing in several different styles, 2014 saw me "take the plunge" for urbex, after buying a book by French photographer Thomas Jorion. The results are in my "Those We Left Behind" album.

It's been a very interesting voyage so far, and I'm looking forward to what is around the corner... Waiting for my camera!

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November 2006
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
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