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    Nathan Bergeron Photography says:

    "Andrew is one of my oldest contacts on Flickr. With over 2,000 uploads and over 500 of them making Explore, you have a wealth of photos to immerse yourself in through his stream.

    Andrew has such an artistic eye and finds stunning composition in everything he sees. He sees something extra in a scene most people would walk away from and this says a lot.

    I love his work and his loyalty. He's stuck by my stream for years and even when I was away from flickr for a year traveling oversees he still stuck by and continues to visit my stream.

    He is a great Flickr friend and to him I say thank you! : )"

    December 13th, 2008

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    kevin dooley says:

    "Andrew's work always puts me at ease and makes me smile. Through subtle and soft framing and great use of dof, his works are optimistic and whimsical."

    July 24th, 2008

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    impossible instrument says:

    "One of the best landscape photographers on Flickr, Andrew
    has impeccable taste, a no nonsense personality, and takes
    time to comment on other people's work, regardless whether they
    are a bottom feeder or swirling around the top.
    One of the first people I noticed on Flickr, a very likable guy,
    Andrew is definitely going places. Check out his stream, and rest
    for a while. It's pure heaven."

    September 14th, 2007

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    Kelvin Wong (Away) says:

    "I didn’t know Andrew for long time, only through flickr about more than a month ago. But when I first saw his work, it was totally inspired me!! The perspective of his photos is magnificent! And he also got an excellent post processing skill, very strong personal unique style. I am glad that I have Andrew as my contact and that’s my honour to comment and fave his work!!

    In term of the personality, he is a great man. Even thought he is successful in photography, he never being proud with that. He still always comments and faves his contact work.

    If you haven’t add him as a contact, please do so! Because you will never regret!!

    Such a Great photographer + Great Friendly Personality = The Perfect Photographer!"

    September 12th, 2007

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    Cookie_lady1 says:

    "I joined flickr late last year. Some of the first photos I saw were Andrewlees. I was inspired that someday I would be possibly able to take a photo half as well as he does. The only problem with achieving this goal is that his talent is so vast that the goal post keeps moving.
    Andrewlee's photos are uplifting, fun, beautiful and addictive. When a new photo is published the race is on to try and be the first to comment. I have never been to the north of england but through his photos I feel I have been there.
    thanks andrewlee for showing us your world."

    July 21st, 2007

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    Maddie Digital says:

    "Great enthusiasm, great vision and great photos - really a credit to anyone interested in geting involved in photography no matter how good or whatever. Been a pleasure being in contact with you. Cheers Maddie......That was then, and this now (March 2007)....Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of developing not only a photography type of relationship with Andy but also a ridiculous and developing sense of mad humour exchnage which has made the Flickr experience all that much more rewarding.....Andy has recently upgraded his camera equipment and through that he has certainly upped all the stakes as far as composition and quality is concerned - I can honestly say (with the help of blank cheque from one Mr1967) that without all the techy stuff and fiddily photo stuff his work is amongst the finest you will find anywher on Flickr!!! - I hope the cheque doesn't bounce?

    No doubt about it Andy has taken Flickr to new heights - since the bugger got a new posh camera he has raised the game sway up high - each shot is worthy of a special place on Flickr and his progress as a brilliant photographer and visionary creator has been nothing short of spectacular - well done Mr1967 (cheque will be in the post I presume - also accept Paypal!)"

    July 17th, 2007

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    Matt_Steele1977 says:

    "Andy, I kind of feel compelled to write this, maybe because I'm having a late night caffeine and tobacco induced moment and I was enjoying looking through your stream.

    As you know, I've moved out from our local haunt to New Zealand and sometimes I need a bit of a reminder of home. There really isn't anybody anywhere that can capture the atmosphere, mood and environment of where we come from and in a way your pictures have been of some comfort when I've wanted that reminder.

    I also have to say that I'm a little pig-sick that you've come all this way and improved ten-fold when I'm still plodding away at mediocre. But, I shall be home in the next few months so I shall be pestering you for tips and ideas.

    Thanks Andy for your pictures. Its amazing how I can travel 12,000 miles just at the click of a mouse. Keep up the good work and keep being an inspiration. I look forward to seeing many many more superb images.

    And, hopefully we can get together when I get back, take a few pics and then have a look at them over some beers in a nice country pub!!"

    July 5th, 2007

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    iamnotanumber8885 says:

    "I have watched the development of Andrew’s photography over recent months with delight. He now has a claim to be one of the greatest photographers on Flickr. His sense of landscape is second to none but he also captures quiet, close, intimate details with consummate ease. Andrew has an innate professional approach which means the technical and aesthetic qualities of his pictures resonate with thousands of other Flickr users. Keep up the good work Andrew."

    July 2nd, 2007

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    ScarletFaerie (K. Wood Photography) says:

    "Andrewlee's photos never cease to amaze me, every image is a true work of art, I enjoy his photostream immensely. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos :)"

    June 9th, 2007

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    -terry- says:

    "Andrew is the most consistent producer of excellent shots that I have come across on flickr. Time after time I am left in awe at his talent. He has a marvellous eye for a great shot, and sublimely subtle post processing skills which enhance his shots to perfection.
    Andrew is a great flickr contact too, generous in his critiques, he has also proven willing to take time out to provide advice to us mere mortals. Keep it up Andrew, you are definitely going places."

    May 14th, 2007

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    _dvd_ says:

    "Perhaps, Andy stands for Flickr, and viceversa. At least in my opinion. This is my first about this guy. I cannot imagine surfing any pics without his solemn panorama and his puzzling macros, his beloved cats as well as his ford. Due to my first comment, we discuss about art o the so-called Art. Well, right here, right now, I'm very proud to say, This Is Art!"

    April 23rd, 2007

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    ☻M€rcỲ☺ says:

    "It was a rather interesting start, but Andy was one of the first people on Flickr to offer me a friendship and an experienced "guide" to what things are, here on Flickr. Such a patient, funny and talented guy.

    He is such an amazing guy and photographer. His eye for landscapes is spectacular and his encouraging words are things that I only wish more people could learn from on Flickr. You're teh awesome, Andy!"

    April 10th, 2007

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    My Buffo says:

    "Andrew grows day by day. His pictures of landscapes and his final touch are simply great. He knows how to capture the strange light of sunfall, sunrise, and cloudy days."

    April 8th, 2007

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    anitatanani says:

    " I think that photography of Andrew is something special …He is One of the best photographers on Flickr !Every each image is special gift, something new !He simply done it with huge love for image !He is witness of every day alive happiness of God s gift to us .His photos are fulfill with understanding, warmness ,they are so pure , honest and they gave you something what nobody can take it from you.Andrew is such a very good friend, I don’t know how , but he is always the first visitor of my downloaded photos.He is always here to support you, to tell you: you are not alone, I m with you.Landscapes he choose are long time in your mind in your memory and you can feel like you have been there.That is much more than art, that is essencial of our being here on this wonderful and very strange planet earth. I felt responsibility and duty to say all this because that is the true"

    March 28th, 2007

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    Simon Breedon says:

    "He doesn't capture the landscape via the camera - he steals the very land he walks upon from the bearded man we know as god, and compresses it into a form that us mortals can view."

    March 24th, 2007

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    Ella's Dad says:

    "I personally would like to ban Andrew Lee from every group in Flickr. Only that way will any of our own photographs stand any chance of being viewed! Exceptional work every time"

    March 21st, 2007

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    absent quiet says:

    "Andy.....There isn't much that i can add to the testimonials you have approved of already, but that doesn't mean you don't approve this one, because if you don't, I am going to haunt your photostream forever.

    What i have to say about Andy, is that I stumbled on one of his newly posted (BEAUTIFUL) photos, and nearly peed my pants reading all the comments his friends made back and forth to him. I wrote to him and said, oh I forget...something like it did't matter what the picture was about, I had such a great time just reading the comments.

    He wrote me back, saying if I wanted to read more, I could go to the link he then gave me. We soon became really great flickr friends, I think......ANDY!!! Yes, we are.

    I was new to flickr and he very patiently explained to me how to post my pictures, and to copy and paste the various threads for invites,etc. He taught me so much about photography, without his even knowing it. I have yet to see a photo I haven't liked. And he gave me invites so I could start working my pics in and areound the place, and ALWAYS gave such funny, (or not...) comments and COMPLIMENTS.

    And Andy is so giving of his wonderful spirit and enthusiasm, his great comments and suggestions, and just spreading around so much energy and FUN in his pages and pages of groups.

    It amazes me how I can go to one of his pics that says "posted 41 minutes ago," and there are ALREADY 141 comments, and I have to YELL form the bottom of the page to tell him that he should have cropped out an unbelievalby blinding street lamp on one of his photographs because i couldn't even see the sky!

    I don't know why I am writing all this, because I am sure everyone in flickr has probably crossed his photostream at least once, so they don't need me to tell them. Well, maybe about that annoying street lamp. But otherwise, IF YOU HAVEN'T CHECKED OUT HIS PHOTOS do it now, or he may hunt you down...............I really love ya Andy...Thanks for everything.

    Some day I'm going to ffy to the UK and come crashing down in a parachute right in the middle of one of your camera shoots. Then I can comment on it and ask how come you cropped out that idiot american who crashed your shoot!!! (it'll be a yello parachute, just so you will know whos comin') ;o)

    *written 13 january '07, found in her notebook/journal she kept with her........."

    March 2nd, 2007

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    curious_spider says:

    "I don't know what it is about this guy, but he has a gift. He can take what appears to be the simplest thing, and cast it in such atmosphere, in such a potent mood and hue, that it's damn near dizzying. Peruse his Photostream. You shan't be disappointed."

    February 21st, 2007

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    Bob.Fornal says:

    "Andrew Lee's photographry is fun with a natural use of light and shadow to enhance his subject. The subjects are invariably interesting ... images from the world around him.

    Excellent work ... I have a lot to learn."

    February 3rd, 2007

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    Gene Hunt says:

    "An excellent set of photographs. I especially enjoy seeing pics of the Pennines and photos with effects (like the B&W photos for example).

    It's a real pleasure seeing Andy's photogrpahs ;)"

    January 27th, 2007

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